Marfa Dialogues

International Surf Club


Ballroom Marfa’s International Surf Club is a patron group founded in 2018 that directly supports new artist commissions by contributing membership dues to an annual fund. The Surf Club is also a social club uniting Ballroom’s closest allies from varied creative backgrounds and cities to support an artist-centered program at Ballroom Marfa and promote the creation of new work. Members receive exclusive access to artists’ studios, curator-led tours of international institutions, special events across the globe, and more.

Membership for the International Surf Club is by invitation. For more information, please email

ISC Co-Chairs

Alia Al-Senussi
Sabrina Franzheim
Douglas Friedman

Founding Members

Sarah Arison
Simi Ahuja
Anat Ebgi
Nicholas Kirkwood
Alex Logsdail
Tracy O’Brien
Bettina Prentice


Nicole Berry
Katherine Brodbeck
Jason Chandra
Jennifer Chbeir Curry & Aaron Curry
Sean Daly
Victoria Dreesmann
Tara Donovan
Michael Dopp
Anat Ebgi
Rafa Esparza
Gaia Fugazza & Haroon Mirza
Rebecca Gardner
Loie Hollowell
Brett Alex Jeans
Christina Kim
Allison Laird
Jesse Lazowski
Sarah Levine & William Laird
Pedro Mendes
Nicholas Olney
Lance Renner
Simone Rubi
Sonny Ruscha Granade & Rives Granade
Eduardo Sarabia
Nina Sarin
Alex K. Scull
Grace Sheehan
Bosco Sodi
Randi & Harlan Steinberger
Ben Strauss-Malcolm
Candace Worth