Marfa Dialogues

Balmorhea and Bexar Bexar

Balmorhea, Bexar Bexar

7 August 2008

Show 9pm
Goode Crowley Theater
Tickets $10

Ballroom Marfa is proud to bring Balmorhea and Bexar Bexar to the Goode Crowley Theater on August 7th for an evening of idyllic instrumentals.

Austin-based duo Balmorhea induces scenic memories and sensations of vast Texas skies with their bucolic instrumentals and emotional reverberations. Minimal compositions of piano and classical guitar are carefully interwoven with field recordings, violin and cello. Balmorhea assembles meditative harmonies that allow the audience to drift freely from their surroundings into the ambient comfort of a nascent summer daydream. They represent a mix of genres, and the deemed moniker “New Gemütlichkeit” aptly describes the characteristics not only of their music, but also Balmorhea’s stylistic philosophy. Gemütlichkeit is a warm emotional style with broadly sung moderately paced melodies, expresses a feeling of belonging, contentment with ones surroundings, and mutual appreciation and understanding.

Balmorhea is made up of Rob Lowe, a Texas native, and Michael Muller who hails from San Diego, CA. They began playing music together in the summer of 2006, and released their first self-titled album in April 2007. Balmorhea has toured throughout Texas and the West Coast, and have a substantial following in Europe. In February 2008 they released River Arms, with their new label Western Vinyl, the same label that friend and tour mate Bexar Bexar moved to in 2007.

Bexar Bexar, also from Austin, has a mysterious sound, heavy with heat-haze deeply anchored in his instrumental reveries. This solo performer stirs up oceanic melodies with his guitar and a collection of ambient beats that swell and recede like that of Brian Eno and Mum. Bexar Bexar’s unassuming vignettes can seem like reflections in time, complimented by the use of analog equipment. His subtle qualities come together in tranquil sound washes that cleverly tread the line between the evocative and the universal.

The music of Bexar Bexar is supported and integrated in many different arenas. Along with two full albums, Haralambos and Tropism, Bexar Bexar is also featured on a plethora of compilations, soundtracks for several movies, including Red Without Blue and Fashion Island, and can be heard on popular NPR shows. Bexar Bexar has a widespread fan-base, having toured both regionally and internationally.

Come and enjoy Balmorhea and Bexar Bexar for the second show on their “Summer in the West” tour. This stirring performance is presented by Ballroom Marfa at the Goode Crowley Theater, Thursday, August 7th at 9pm, tickets $10.