Marfa Dialogues

Making Art Work: Alyce Santoro

18 April 2011

On April 18, 2011, our Texas Biennial artist Alyce Santoro will visit Marfa Jr/Sr High School as part of our ongoing program, Making Art Work. In addition to sharing her own background — and using her work, Evolution of an Artist, as a jumping-off point — Alyce will discuss different systems people from all kinds of disciplines and cultures have developed to tap into personal forms of creativity, the intersection of art and science, and why the overlap is important.

She will also bring lots of “philosoprops” to demonstrate and discuss with the kids, especially the headgear (satellite dish hat, feather hat, and pin hat), which they can touch and try on. Interactivity at its best!

    The Synergetic Omni-Solution and its educational programs have been made possible through the generous support of Jeff & Toni Beauchamp. Special thanks to Marfa Independent School District and Jeff Fort & Marion Barthelme.