Marfa Dialogues

Summer Field Recordings

7-10 July 2014

Summer Field Recordings
With Marfa Independent School District and Marfa Public Radio
July 7-10, 2014, 9am-12pm
Mimms Ranch, Marfa, TX

Open to Big Bend-area students, ages 9-13

As part of MISD’s Summer Shakeup program, Ballroom Marfa and Marfa Public Radio are hosting a workshop series utilizing Mimms Ranch as a site for the exploration of our own lives as cinematic material. The workshop will be open to students ages nine and up, and is free to attend.

Inspired by the work of Teresa Hubbard and Alexander Birchler, students will storyboard, script, produce and perform vignettes using their fellow students’ experiences as source material. Throughout the workshop, students will interview each other, participate in focused conversations and movement activities –- all with the intent of parsing the cinematic qualities of our own lives and projecting these scenes onto the land of Mimms Ranch.

The workshop will produce a short video and audio piece.

Support for this program provided by The Dixon Water Foundation and the Texas Commission on the Arts, with generous contributions by Ballroom Marfa members.

Special thanks to Sally Beauvais, The Big Bend Sentinel, Michael Camacho, Jennifer Bell and Tim Crowley of the Crowley Theater, Tim Johnson, Marfa Book Company, Marfa ISD, Marfa Public Radio, Tom Michael, Andrew Peters, Robert Potts, Alice Quinlan, Suzy Simon and Sam Winks.

Crowley Theater

Texas Commission on the Arts