Marfa Dialogues

Noel Waggener and Satch Grimley

Noel Waggener and Satch Grimley

8 October 2004 - 10 April 2005

OPENING RECEPTION: Friday, October 8, 2004 Click here for Photos of the installation

A Silk Screened Mural in Four Movements: African Genesis, Free Spiritual Musics, Black Power and Afro Psychedelia “Freedom isn’t the privilege of a single generation; it is a conquest which must each time be undertaken over again. Freedom is victory.” –Albert Ayler

Commissioned by The Ballroom as a component of the Fire Into Music presentation, the silkscreened mural was printed directly onto the gallery walls. The work was printed improvisationally with no registration and little forethought as to how the images would be placed. Although the themes of the mural follow the thread of African American art, politics and philosophy of the 1960s and early 70s, the mural is not intended as a history lesson–but as a contemporary reverberation of a cultural explosion and cosmo-drama still being felt and played out in the present.

Noel Waggener and Satch Grimley are both Austin based artists who have been collaborating on installations for the past few years. Noel Waggener, a graphic designer, founded SubCulture Press ( in 2002 to give name to the series of silkscreen prints that incorporate “lost” and “forgotten” subcultural imagery. Satch Grimley, a painter and master printmaker, works with SubCulture Press and collaborates with artists for the Serie Print Project at Coronado Studio in Austin.