Marfa Dialogues Part I: “performance”

Luis Recoder, Sandra Gibson, Michaela Grill, Giuseppe Ielasi, Bruce McClure

14 December - 15 December 2007

film text performance film pairs two seemingly disparate areas of contemporary cinematic practice: filmic performance and visual text. The program is divided in two parts. In December 2007 Ballroom Marfa launched Part I: “performance.” Live cinema as experienced in December gives way to the projected word in April with Part II: “text.” Normally consumed as a solitary, interior experience, words will be amplified and magnified for contemplation by a theater audience. Organized by Ralph McKay.

Part 1: “performance”

Friday, 14 December 2007
Liberty Hall
Innovation in the realm of light and sound works.

7:30pm: Giuseppe Ielasi, Italian extended guitar player and electronic musician “blends time periods so that the folk doesn’t sound like a museum piece and electronics don’t sound like a gimmick.” (Stylus Magazine)

8:00pm: Luis Recoder, “The Ballad of…” is the third reel of a Hollywood B film “bi-packed, doubled, and delayed,” a Western, all the codes, all the clichés.

8:45pm: Bruce McClure: multiple, modified projectors operating simultaneously, focus manipulation, sound, and audience interaction, extend the borders of cinema and performance art, bringing a conceptual vision to the tradition of “expanded cinema.”

Saturday, 15 December 2007
Goode Crowley Theater

6:30pm: Michaela Grill with Giuseppe Ielasi: shadows and silhouettes, a rediscovery of electronic cinema as abstract painting. Grill and her collaborators investigate the raw materials that make up what we casually call music and film.

7:00pm: Luis Recoder & Sandra Gibson create films and perform film installations of gracefully shifting abstractions, flickering geometry and real, honest beauty.

8:30pm: Panel discussion moderated by Ralph McKay.