Marfa Dialogues

Psychic Ills

5 April 2008

To inaugurate the opening of the visual arts exhibition Hello Meth Lab in the Sun, Brooklyn psychedelic/space-rock band, Psychic Ills, will perform at Ballroom’s Marfa’s Liberty Hall on Saturday 5th April, at 9pm.

Incorporating space rock, psychedelica, and drone with the ferocious rhythms of punk rock, Psychic Ills are the rare band that is as experimental as they are explosive. While their dark electronics can sometimes fall into the “spooky” genre (spooky = silly sometimes), these guys make up for it when they let their guitars rip.

Psychic Ills were formed in 2003 in New York City by Tom Gluibizzi (guitar/keyboards) and Tres Warren (vocals). Their debut, Dins, toed several different lines– between structured compositions and drifting ambience, between growling psychedelia and hazy shoegaze, and between melody and drone. While that may sound nuanced to the uninitiated, the details were often swallowed by scads of swirling, processed guitar that the band’s influences necessitated, somewhere between the overly-cited-yet-with-good-reason My Bloody Valentine and Hawkwind.