Marfa Dialogues

Richard Erickson

29 January - 15 May 2005

OPENING RECEPTION: Saturday, January 29, 6-8PM

The Ballroom is proud to present two solo exhibitions opening on the night of January 29th. In the North Gallery, Richard Erickson exhibits The Folding Nose and Other Works and in South Gallery, Erika Blumenfeld presents Lunation 1011.

Of his art and process Richard Erickson only reveals these three steps: “I get an idea, I say the idea, and search for a way to make it.” Combining a unique sense of humor and wry wisdom with masterful technical skills, Erickson’s drawings, sculptures, photographs and paintings demonstrate the various ways these “ideas” are explored. For Ballroom Marfa, Erickson revives the spirit of the Fluxus. By opposing the artistic tradition of interpretation and conjecture, Erickson’s art becomes immediate and accessible. His works are complete external explorations of pure ideas.

Richard Erickson was born in 1948 and has taught high school art for 19 years in Massachusetts. The Folding Nose and Other Works represents Erickson’s first solo exhibition. Erickson’s work has been exhibited at Threadwaxing space, The Bear Gallery and published in Timothy McSweeny’s quarterly journal.