Marfa Dialogues

Sam Prekop

Sam Prekop, Archer Prewitt

24 MARCH 2007

Deep Comedy is an exhibition of work by artists whose conceptual practices are underpinned by humor. Brought together by artist Dan Graham and independent curator Sylvia Chivaratanond, the works in Deep Comedy transform elements of the commonplace into playgrounds for amusement through a wide range of media including sculpture, video, installation, photography, and performance.

Opening weekend festivities for Deep Comedy culminate at Ballroom’s Liberty Hall on Saturday, March 24th, 2007 with a rare live appearance from the composer, musician, and artist Sam Prekop.

Sam Prekop is one of the architects of the influential and highly innovative Chicago underground music scene. Long known for the naturalistic alloy of jazz-inflected compositions and exotic textures that he helped pioneer with his indie-rock projects Shrimp Boat and the Sea and Cake, Prekop managed, as ever, to confound expectations with his most recent solo release, Who’s Your New Professor, an album of airy abstractions and a chiming, unusually electric aesthetic. Prekop will be performing at Liberty Hall with fellow Sea and Cake musician and collaborator Archer Prewitt — himself a noted presence on the Chicago scene — for this very special Ballroom evening.

Showtime is 9 pm.

This event is free.