Marfa Dialogues

The Marfa Triptych: The Desert

Graham Reynolds

4 October 2014

The Marfa Triptych: Three Portraits of West Texas
Part Two: The Desert
By composer Graham Reynolds
The Overlook at Mimms Ranch, Marfa, Texas
Marfa, Texas
7:30pm | October 4, 2014
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Austin-based composer Graham Reynolds returns for the second installment of The Marfa Triptych, three portraits of West Texas inspired by Reynolds’ interest in the intermingled populations of the Texas-Mexico border regions.

The first installment in The Marfa Triptych, The Country and Western Big Band Suite, was an instrumental suite for 14 players, described by Reynolds as “classic instrumental country meets Western soundtrack meets power jazz rhythm section.” The performance included contributions from veteran musician Redd Volkaert and emerging fiddle prodigy Ruby Jane, along with other members of Reynolds’ far-reaching group of collaborators.

The second composition, The Desert, is a solo performance for layered piano, a production that uses means both digital and site-specific to process the acoustic instrument’s sounds. This presentation, scheduled for October 4, continues the motifs introduced in the first suite in a different genre, its sound still rooted in the same geography. The concert will be performed outdoors at the Overlook at Mimms Ranch.

With The Marfa Triptych, Reynolds is composing three musical portraits of West Texas. While the first and last parts examine people and their place in this part of the world, The Desert focuses on the natural world itself. In researching the piece, Reynolds has been exploring the landscape and the natural history of the area. When he performs the concert, the hope is for the audience to focus a bit less on the performer and more on being part of nature.

Please note: This performance involves a half-mile walk to the Overlook at Mimms Ranch. Please dress warmly and wear proper footwear.

    [vimeo 108588347]

    Special thanks to Robert Potts, Joey Benton, the Dixon Water Foundation, Rob Crowley, MISD, and Marfa Public Radio for their support.

    Poster by Noel Waggener.