Marfa Dialogues

Candelilla, Coatlicue, and the Breathing Machine

April 5 – September 2019

Candelilla, Coatlicue, and the Breathing Machine Opening reception: Friday, April 5 from 6–9pm With a live performance by Rob Mazurek at 8pm Ballroom Marfa is pleased to announce our spring exhibition, Candelilla, Coatlicue, and the Breathing Machine. The exhibition features newly commissioned and existing works by artists Beatriz Cortez, Candice Lin, and Fernando Palma Rodríguez. […]

Artists’ Film International 2018 – Jibade-Khalil Huffman

November 16, 2018 - March 24, 2019

Jibade-Khalil Huffman’s First Person Shooter is a complex visual collage that layers stock digital animation, video shot by the artist, bold text, and multichannel audio. The piece weaves together themes of anxiety, race, violence, overstimulation and boredom from a fractured palette of source material. Overlaid onto the imagery, a libretto-like text inflects the video’s barrage of stimuli, applying lyricism to episodes that intentionally frustrate conventional narrative expectations.


April 13 - November 4, 2018

Ballroom Marfa is in the research phase for Hyperobjects, a group exhibition scheduled to open in spring 2018. The project is co-organized by Dr. Timothy Morton and Ballroom Curator Laura Copelin. Hyperobjects takes its name and organizing principles from Morton’s 2013 book. In Morton’s writing, hyperobjects are “entities that are so massively distributed in time and space as to transcend spatiotemporal specificity, such as global warming, styrofoam, and radioactive plutonium.”

Artists’ Film International 2017 – Denise Ferreira da Silva and Arjuna Neuman

November 18-19, 2017

Ballroom Marfa is proud to present Serpent Rain, a collaboration between Denise Ferreira da Silva and Arjuna Neuman, commissioned by Stefano Harney (freethought) for The Bergen Assembly. This film is Ballroom Marfa curator Laura Copelin’s selection for Artists’ Film International 2017.

Tierra. Sangre. Oro.

August 25 2017 - March 18, 2018

Ballroom Marfa is pleased to announce Tierra. Sangre. Oro., an exhibition from artist Rafa Esparza. The program will include new installation, performance, and sculptural work from Esparza alongside collaborations and contributions from artists Carmen Argote, Nao Bustamante, Beatriz Cortez, Timo Fahler, Eamon Ore-Giron, and Star Montana.

Strange Attractor

March 10, 2017 - August 6, 2017

Strange Attractor is an exhibition exploring the uncertainties and poetics of networks, environmental events, technology, and sound. The term “strange attractor” describes the inherent order embedded in chaos, perceivable in harmonious yet unpredictable patterns. This mathematical concept is a useful trope for the elusive order in our lived experience, and the vital pursuit of making meaning from unexpected connections.

This is Presence – AFI 2016 – The Institute for New Feeling with Arturo Bandini

September 23, 2016 - February 19, 2017

This exhibition features newly-commissioned work from artist collective the Institute for New Feeling (IfNf), including the video nominated by Ballroom Marfa for the 2016 season of Artists’ Film International (AFI). he IfNf project will be complemented by two micro-exhibitions hosted by Arturo Bandini in Ballroom’s courtyard. These distinct projects will both respond to the theme of AFI 2016: technology.

Grey Goo Gardens

December 9, 2016 – February 19, 2017

Ballroom Marfa is pleased to announce Grey Goo Gardens, the last of four exhibitions conceived for Arturo Bandini’s year-long installation in Ballroom’s courtyard.

Dengue Fever

June 3 - August 21, 2016

Dengue Fever June 3 – August 21, 2016 Opening Reception Friday, June 3, 2016 6-9pm in the Ballroom Marfa Courtyard Ballroom Marfa is pleased to announce the opening of Dengue Fever, the second of four exhibitions conceived for Arturo Bandini’s year long installation in the courtyard, a perfect copy of their iconic Los Angeles gallery. […]

After Effect

March 11, 2016 - August 21, 2016

In March of 2016 Ballroom Marfa will open After Effect a group exhibition offering new interpretations of landscape, sublimity, and spirituality. The program will feature Dan Colen; Loie Hollowell; key works by Emil Bisttram, Raymond Jonson, Agnes Pelton, Florence Miller Pierce, and Stuart Walker of the Transcendental Painting Group; an animated film by Oskar Fischinger; and an installation by Arturo Bandini.

Melvin Edwards Ogun Again 1988 Welded Steel 8.3h x 9.8w x 9.5d in Courtesy Alexander Gray Associates, New York ©2015 Melvin Edwards / Artist's Rights Society (ARS), New York


September 25, 2015 - February 14, 2016

Äppärät, opening at Ballroom Marfa on September 25, 2015, is about the mammalian hand, and the tools it touches, holds and uses. Taking its title from the name of a fictional post-iPhone device at the center of Gary Shteyngart’s 2010 near-future novel Super Sad True Love Story, Äppärät is concerned with labour, play and the uncertain zone between the two; with the extension of the body and the self, through technologies ancient and contemporary; with compulsion; and with death.

Artists’ Film International – Brigid McCaffrey

November 14-15, 2015

Organized in conjunction with Whitechapel Gallery, London, Ballroom Marfa is pleased to present the 2015 season of Artists’ Film International, a program that showcases international artists working in film and animation. This year Ballroom Marfa will feature the work of Los Angeles-based filmmaker Brigid McCaffrey in a weekend of screenings, discussions and public walks in Marfa and the Big Bend.

Sam Falls Untitled (Life in California), 2014 1984 Ford Ranger, soil, succulents (Euphorbia Tirucalli, Portulacaria Afra 'variegata', Aeonium Arboreum, Agave 'Blue Glow', Senecio mandraliscae, Senecio radicans, Tradescantia, Kalanchoe pumila, Kalanchoe luciae, Aloe classenii, Echeveria 'topsy turvy') 66 x 63 x 191 inches Inv# SF1290

Sam Falls

13 March 2015 - 16 August 2015

Ballroom Marfa presents an exhibition of new work by artist Sam Falls opening March 13, 2015.

Nicole Miller “Untitled” (David), 2012 Still from one channel of 3 channel HD Raw video installation 7:09 min looped

Artists’ Film International – Nicole Miller

22 November 2014 - 22 February 2015

Organized in conjunction with Whitechapel Gallery, London, Ballroom Marfa is pleased to present the sixth season of Artists’ Films International, a program that showcases international artists working with film, video and animation. This year Ballroom Marfa will feature the work of Nicole Miller.

Sunrise Filmset Sunset, 2012 Teresa Hubbard / Alexander Birchler Diptych, each image 43.5 x 54.5 inches Edition of 6 + 2AP

Sound Speed Marker

Teresa Hubbard & Alexander Birchler

28 February 2014 – 26 October 2014

Ballroom Marfa is pleased to present Sound Speed Marker by Teresa Hubbard and Alexander Birchler. The three video installations and related photographs, covering a span of five years of work, explore film’s relationship to place and the traces that movie making leaves behind. The exhibition includes the premiere of Giant (2014), a work commissioned by Ballroom Marfa.

Marfa Dialogues / St. Louis

July 30 – August 3, 2014

The Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts, Ballroom Marfa and the Public Concern Foundation will bring Marfa Dialogues to St. Louis from July 30 – August 3, 2014 as we continue our examination of artistic practice, climate change science, and civic engagement.

Vidas Perfectas

Vidas Perfectas

An opera for television by Robert Ashley (Perfect Lives, 1983) • Presented in Spanish for stage and television • Directed by Alex Waterman

12-19 July 2014

Ballroom Marfa is proud to present Vidas Perfectas, an all-new, Spanish language version of the classic avant-garde television opera from the 1980s: Robert Ashley’s Perfect Lives.

Comic Future

27 September 2013 - 2 February 2014

Curated by Fairfax Dorn, Comic Future features paintings, drawings and sculpture by artists who combine abstraction, formalism and narrative with political satire as well as cultural and biographical commentary to explore both comedic and apocalyptic visions of the future.

Marfa Dialogues / NY

October-November 2013

The Robert Rauschenberg Foundation, Ballroom Marfa and the Public Concern Foundation will bring the Marfa Dialogues to New York in October-November 2013 as we continue our examination of climate change science, environmental activism and artistic practice.

Robert Rauschenberg Summer Knight Glut, 1987 Assembled metal parts, 67 1/2 x 96 x 9 inches (171.5 x 243.8 x 22.9 cm) Robert Rauschenberg Foundation

Quiet Earth

15 October 2013 – 30 November 2013

Quiet Earth, an exhibition curated by Fairfax Dorn as part of Marfa Dialogues/New York, features environmentally-engaged works from the 1970s to the present.

Open Studio: Every Person Is a Special Kind of Artist, with Baggage

September 14 - November 9, 2013

Dallas Collective (Michael Corris, William Binnie, Soraya Abtahi, Jenna Barrois, Ellen Smith, Alexandra Monroe, Dylan Wignall, Rhyanna Odom, Nina Davis, Elainy Lopez, Hannah Tyler, Michael Deleon,and Braeden Bailey, Kelly Kroener, Travis LaMothe, Michael M. Morris, Melissa Tran ). A 2013 Texas Biennial Commissioned Project. Presented by Ballroom Marfa.

Artists' Film International opening, 19 July 2013. Photo by Mary Lou Saxon.

Artists’ Film International – Alix Pearlstein

19 July 2013 - 8 September 2013

Organized in conjunction with Whitechapel Gallery, London, Ballroom Marfa is pleased to present the fifth season of Artists’ Films International, a program that showcases international artists working with film, video and animation. This year Ballroom Marfa will feature the work of New-York based Alix Pearlstein.

Installation view, South Gallery New Growth Rashid Johnson Photography © Fredrik Nilsen

New Growth

Rashid Johnson

8 March 2013 - 7 July 2013

Ballroom Marfa is proud to announce the opening of New Growth, a solo exhibition of new work by Rashid Johnson, on March 8, 2013.

Carbon 13 opening reception, 31 August 2012. Photo by Lesley Brown.

Carbon 13

Curated by David Buckland. With artists Ackroyd & Harvey, Amy Balkin, Erika Blumenfeld, David Buckland, Adriane Colburn, Antony Gormley, Cynthia Hopkins, and Sunand Prasad.

31 August 2012 - 3 February 2013

Our 2012 fall visual arts exhibition, Carbon 13, presents newly commissioned works by artists that propose a creative response to climate change aimed at stimulating discourse and a wider engagement with the climate debate. Curated by David Buckland. Opening reception on Friday, 31 August 2012.

Agnes Denes, Pyramids of Conscience, 2005

Texas Contemporary Art Fair 2012

18-21 October 2012

Join Ballroom Marfa in Houston, Texas from October 18-21, 2012 as part of this year’s Texas Contemporary Art Fair at the George R. Brown Convention Center. This will be the first opportunity to purchase a new body of work by Liz Cohen and a new print by Raymond Pettibon as well as one of the fair’s public centerpiece exhibitions, Pyramids of Conscience by Agnes Denes — all commissioned by Ballroom Marfa. Work by Simone Leigh will also be available.

Marfa Dialogues

Marfa Dialogues 2012

David Buckland, Hamilton Fish, Cynthia Hopkins, Diana Liverman, John Nielsen-Gammon, Michael Pollan, Robert Potts, Tom Rand, Rebecca Solnit, Bonnie J. Warnock

31 August - 2 September 2012

In conjunction with our ongoing partnership with the Washington Spectator, and our co-sponsors The Big Bend Sentinel, Marfa Public Radio and Marfa Book Company, we are hosting our second Marfa Dialogues, which this year will address complex issues associated with environmental sustainability.

Dan Finsel I could be anybody, I could be somebody. 2010 Photography © Yoseff Ben-Yehuda

Artists’ Film International

Featuring LA artist Dan Finsel. Selected by Erin Kimmel.

20 July - 19 August 2012

Ballroom Marfa is collaborating with Whitechapel Gallery, London for the fourth season of the film and video program, Artists’ Film International. This year, Ballroom is proud to feature an installation by LA video artist Dan Finsel.

Installation view, Data Deluge, 3 March 2012. Photo by Jessica Brassler.

Data Deluge

Rachel Gugelberger and Reynard Loki (Curators), Rebeca Bollinger, Jon Brunberg, Jennifer Dalton, Anthony Discenza, Scott Hug, Loren Madsen, Michael Najjar, Roberto Pugliese, Adrien Segal, and Anna Von Mertens

2 March 2012 – 8 July 2012

Our 2012 spring visual arts exhibition, Data Deluge, curated by Rachel Gugelberger and Reynard Loki, celebrates the beauty of information through sculpture, furniture, painting, photography, video and sound. Opening reception is 2 March 2012.

Texas Contemporary Art Fair

Texas Contemporary Art Fair

20-23 October 2011

Ballroom Marfa is proud to participate in the inaugural Texas Contemporary art fair, a showcase for innovative and progressive visual art from around the world, at Houston’s George R. Brown Convention Center 20-23 October 2011.

Installation view of Teresa Margolles's Irrigación at El Paso's Chalk the Block, 14-16 October 2011.

Chalk the Block

Teresa Margolles

14-16 October 2011

Ballroom Marfa collaborated with Chalk the Block –- a downtown El Paso public arts initiative -– to install our recently commissioned video work by Teresa Margolles, Irrigación.

Atom Fables by Laleh Khorramian and Shahzad Ismaily.

Ballroom at the High Line: Atom Fables

Laleh Khorramian, Shahzad Ismaily

10 and 11 October 2011

Join the High Line and Ballroom Marfa for Atom Fables, a new collaborative work by artist Laleh Khorramian and musician Shahzad Ismaily. Atom Fables features Khorramian’s one-minute films of transformations, which will be rearranged in real-time to a musical composition performed live by Ismaily and an accompanying ensemble.

JONATHAN SCHIPPER, The Slow Inevitable Death of American Muscle, 2008, Photography © Fredrik Nilsen

Featuring North of South, West of East

Neville Wakefield (Curator), Meredith Danluck, Liz Cohen, Matthew Day Jackson, and Jonathan Schipper

30 Sept 2011 - 12 Feb 2012

In the fall of 2011, Ballroom Marfa will mount the exhibition AutoBody, which showcases a single new work and installation, North of South, West of East, by emerging film and video artist Meredith Danluck, alongside the sculptural works of Liz Cohen, Matthew Day Jackson and Jonathan Schipper, organized by curator Neville Wakefield.

Kelly Nipper, still from Weather Center, 2010

Art in the Auditorium 3

Kelly Nipper

26 August - 27 August 2011

Ballroom Marfa will continue its collaboration with Whitechapel Gallery, London, and nine other international art spaces for the third installment of the film and video program, Art in the Auditorium.

DAWN DEDEAUX, Steps Home (Maquette), 2008

The World According to New Orleans

Dan Cameron (curator), Jules Cahn, Bruce Davenport, Jr., Dawn Dedeaux, Courtney Egan, Skylar Fein, Roy G. Ferdinand, Srdjan Loncar, Deborah Luster, Sister Gertrude Morgan, Gina Phillips, Noel Rockmore, Michael P. Smith, Dan Tague

18 March 2011 - 14 August 2011

In the spring of 2011, Ballroom Marfa will collaborate with curator Dan Cameron on the exhibition, The World According to New Orleans, which focuses on artists living and working in New Orleans, LA.

Alyce Santoro's The Synergetic Omni-Solution. Photo by Alberto Tomas Halpern.

Texas Biennial with Alyce Santoro

Alyce Santoro

25 April 2011-01 May 2011

Ballroom Marfa is pleased to participate in this year’s Texas Biennial with the artist Alyce Santoro, who will present her project, The Synergetic Omni-Solution, 29 April to 01 May 2011.

Installation view, Cafe, Immaterial, Photography © Fredrik Nilsen


Barbara Kasten, Rachel Khedoori, Esther Kläs, Liz Larner, Erlea Maneros-Zabala, Linda Matalon, Julie Mehretu, Charline von Heyl, Rosy Keyser, Laleh Khorramian, Heather Rowe, Erin Shirreff

1 October 2010–20 February 2011

Ballroom Marfa is pleased to announce the opening of Immaterial, an exhibition that will focus on the physical and psychic tensions between form, color, and space across varied visual and structural mediums. Open October 2, 2010 – February 20, 2011.

Installation view, North Gallery, In Lieu of Unity / En lugar de la unidad


Eduardo Abaroa, Margarita Cabrera, Livia Corona, Minerva Cuevas, Mario García Torres, Máximo González, Paulina Lasa, Teresa Margolles, Pedro Reyes, Tercerunquinto

26 March 2010 - 19 September 2010

Curated by Ballroom Marfa’s Associate Curator Alicia Ritson, In Lieu of Unity brings together artists from Mexico whose practices are marked by ongoing explorations of social relations.

The crowd at the Marfa Dialogues

Marfa Dialogues/Diálogos en Marfa

Benjamin Alire Sáenz, Cecilia Ballí, Charles Bowden, Hamilton Fish, Kathy Staudt, Laura Flanders, Mark Danner, Robert Halpern

17-19 September 2010

Join us September 17-19, 2010 for our first conference about the border, Marfa Dialogues/Diálogos en Marfa.

ERIKA BLUMENFELD, still from the video Moving Light: Lunation 1011

No Soul for Sale at the Tate Modern

Erika Blumenfeld

14-16 May 2010

Ballroom Marfa is excited to announce our participation in the second iteration of No Soul for Sale, A Festival of Independents, which will be hosted by the Tate Modern, London as part of its 10th anniversary celebrations.

Kaffe Matthews, Sonic Bed_Marfa, 2008

No Soul for Sale at X-Iniative

Kaffe Matthews

24-28 June 2009

From 24 June through 28 June 2009, Ballroom Marfa will be participating in No Soul For Sale: A Festival of Independents at X-Initiative, New York, where we will showcase Kaffe Matthews’ Sonic Bed_Marfa, which was originally included in The Marfa Sessions.

Thomas Houseago, Mask (black hill/red hill), 2009

Two Face


29 May - 13 December 2009

Two Face is an exhibition by Ballroom Marfa artists-in-residence Aaron Curry and Thomas Houseago. Based in Los Angeles, Curry and Houseago are sculptors who invoke a Janus faced approach to form and process: simultaneously looking to the past and the future.

Paul Villinski's Emergency Response Studio

Paul Villinski – Emergency Response Studio

Paul Villinski

14 March - 16 April 2009

Ballroom Marfa is proud to be hosting Paul Villinski’s Emergency Response Studio, a solar-powered, mobile artist’s studio repurposed from a salvaged FEMA-style trailer.

Deborah Stratman and Steve Badgett, Caballos de Vigilancia, 2008

The Marfa Sessions

Emily Jacir, Nina Katchadourian, Christina Kubisch, Louise Lawler, Inigo-Manglano Ovalle, Kaffe Matthews, Angel Nevarez and Valerie Tevere, Dario Robleto, Steve Roden and Stephen Vitiello, Steve Rowell and Simparch, Deborah Stratman and Steven Badgett, Julianne Swartz

27 September 2008 - 28 February 2009

Independent curators Regine Basha, Rebecca Gates, and Lucy Raven will bring together fifteen artists with specific interests in sound work and its potential as a transgressive medium across place and geography.

Jonah Freeman, Justin Lowe, and Alexandre Singh, Hello Meth Lab in the Sun, 2008

Hello Meth Lab in the Sun

Alexandre Singh, Jonah Freeman and Justin Lowe

5 April - 4 August 2008

Ballroom Marfa’s Spring 2008 exhibition is a collaboration between three early career artists, Jonah Freeman, Justin Lowe, and Alexandre Singh.

Matthew Day Jackson, Sculpture for My Right Hand


Matthew Day Jackson

5-8 December - 9-11 December 2007

Ballroom Marfa collaborates with artist Matthew Day Jackson to create a site-specific project in booth G2 at the NADA Art Fair for Miami Basel.

Jason Fox, Monument for Destruction, 2004

Every Revolution Is a Roll of the Dice

Barry X Ball . Huma Bhabha . Carol Bove . Trisha Donnelly . Gardar Eide Einarsson . Jason Fox . Wayne Gonzales . Robert Grosvenor . Guyton\Walker . Adam Helms . Corey McCorkle . Wangechi Mutu . John Miller . Haim Steinbach . Mika Tajima . Joan Wallace

22 September 2007 - 3 February 2008

Every Revolution Is a Roll of the Dice is an exhibition of sculptural objects that, by way of their presentation, can be seen as actors on a stage.

Gloria, choreographed by Maria Hassabi, created in collaboration with performers Hristoula Harakas and David Adamo, May 11, 2007.


Maria Hassabi

11 May 2007

GLORIA is a new work by choreographer Maria Hassabi, created in collaboration with performers Hristoula Harakas and David Adamo, visual artist Scott Lyall, sound designer Jody Elff, and lighting designer Joe Levasseur.

Japanther with robbinschilds

Deep Comedy

Fischli and Weiss, Isa Genzken, Jef Geys, Rodney Graham, Christian Jankowski, Japanther, robbinschilds, Julia Scher, Roman Signer, Michael Smith, William Wegman, John Wesley, Joshua White, Elin Wikstrom

23 March - 30 July 2007

Deep Comedy is an exhibition of work by artists whose conceptual practices are underpinned by humor. Brought together by artist Dan Graham and independent curator Sylvia Chivaratanond, the works in Deep Comedy transform elements of the commonplace into playgrounds for amusement through a wide range of media including sculpture, video, installation, photography, and performance.

Peter Doig: STUDIOFILMCLUB, September 2006.


Peter Doig

29 September 2006 - 28 February 2007

Ballroom Marfa is thrilled to be holding a solo exhibition by one of the foremost painters of our times, the Scottish-native, Trinidadian resident, Peter Doig.

Anstis and Victor Lundy

Anstis and Victor Lundy

25 March - 30 July 2006

Ballroom Marfa is pleased to announce the upcoming exhibition titled The Art and Architecture of Anstis and Victor Lundy, which will be on view at the gallery March 25 through July 30, 2006.

Hilary Harnischfeger, Installation view, North Gallery, You Are Here

You Are Here

SunTek Chung, Larry Bamburg, Deborah Grant, Andrew Guenther, Hilary Harnischfeger, Adam Helms, Matthew Day Jackson, Karyn Olivier, Sigrid Sandstrom, Allison Smith, Ian Sullivan, Will Villalongo, Roger White, Raphael Zollinger

6 October 2005 - 27 February 2006

Ballroom Marfa is proud to announced its first group exhibition devoted to emerging artists whose work is informed by their experience of urban and suburban life in contemporary American culture. Curated by Fairfax Dorn, You Are Here will be on view October 6 through February 27, 2006.

James Evans, Prada Marfa, 2005

Prada Marfa

Michael Elmgreen, Ingar Dragset

1 October 2005

Prada Marfa is a permanent public sculpture created by Michael Elmgreen and Ingar Dragset and produced by Art Production Fund in collaboration with Ballroom Marfa.

Treading Water

Agnes Denes, Sigalit Landau, Maria Jose Arjona, Matthew Goulish, Michael Phelan, James Benning, and William L. Fox

27 May - 18 September 2005

Ballroom Marfa proudly presents its first single-topic exhibition, a multi-discipline project devoted solely to bringing attention to a global environmental issue: Water.

Richard Erickson

29 January - 15 May 2005

The Ballroom is proud to present two solo exhibitions opening on the night of January 29th. In the North Gallery, Richard Erickson exhibits The Folding Nose and Other Works and in South Gallery, Erika Blumenfeld presents Lunation 1011.

Erika Blumenfeld, Moving Light: Lunation 1011, 204

Erika Blumenfeld

January 29 - April 10, 2005

Through the generosity and non-financial support of the McDonald Observatory, Blumenfeld was granted the rare opportunity to work in an astronomer’s house at the Observatory’s main peak. During her two-month stay, Blumenfeld created the video work Moving Light: Lunation 1011.

Noel Waggener and Satch Grimley

Noel Waggener and Satch Grimley

8 October 2004 - 10 April 2005

Commissioned by The Ballroom as a component of the Fire Into Music presentation, the silkscreened mural was printed directly onto the gallery walls.

Franco Mondini-Ruiz, Giant

Franco Mondini-Ruiz

3 July - 12 December 2004

In the North Gallery, Franco Mondini-Ruiz presents a new, large-scale installation titled “Giant.” This massive, baroque assemblage of found objects dominates the Ballroom’s front gallery floor, expanding Mondini-Ruiz’ signature vignettes of culturally-fused visual components.

Sarah Morris, Midtown, film still, 1998

Sarah Morris

3 July - 12 December 2004

A survey of Sarah Morris’ film installations occupies Ballroom’s South Gallery. Known for her graphic paintings of abstract architecture and urban design, Morris has also explored the dynamics of urban space in four film works made since 1998.

OPTIMO: Manifestations of Optimism in Contemporary Art

Polly Apfelbaum, Martin Creed, Karen Finley, Forcefield collective, Emily Jacir, Beatriz Milhazes, Takashi Murakami, Adam Pendleton, Leo Villareal

23 April - 27 June 2004

Mirroring the vision of the Ballroom itself, a non-profit cultural space founded on the belief that art can impact the human spirit positively, OPTIMO brings together nine artists whose work celebrates life, incorporating visual pleasure, humor, interactivity, color, technology, industrial design, politics, landscape, spirituality, and popular culture.

Dominic Welhouse: In My Room

26 March 2004

Ballroom Marfa hosted Austin record collector Dominic Welhouse for a two-week residency called In My Room: Listening to Records in Marfa, Texas.

The Paper Sculpture Show

Janine Antoni, The Art Guys, David Brody, Luca Buvoli, Francis Cape, Minerva Cuevas, Seong Chun, E.V. Day, Nicole Eisenman, Spencer Finch, Charles Goldman, Rachel Harrison, Stephen Hendee, Patrick Killoran, Glenn Ligon, Cildo Meireles, Helen Mirra, Ric Obrosey, Ester Parteg, Liza Phillips, Paul Ramirez Jonas, Akiko Sakaizumi, David Shrigley, Eve Sussman, Sarah Sze, Fred Tomaselli, Pablo Vargas-Lugo, Chris Ware, Olav Westphalen, Allan Wexler

17 January 2004 - 16 March 2004

Ballroom Marfa invites you to create three-dimensional paper projects, designed by 29 artists.

Maria Jose Arjona

Maria Jose Arjona

10 October 2003 - 12 January 2004

In honor of Chinati Open House weekend, Columbian performance artist, Maria Jose Arjona, will perform Vault at the Ballroom for three days during the weekend.