Marfa Dialogues

Marfa Dialogues / Houston

March 2016

Ballroom Marfa, FotoFest International and the Public Concern Foundation will bring Marfa Dialogues to Houston in March 2016 as part of the FotoFest 2016 Biennial. Join us for MD/HOU as we consider the scale of climate change from the perspective of artistic practice, public policy, critical theory, and environmental science.

Lucky Dragons at MD/HOU

March 24, 2016

As part of Marfa Dialogues/Houston, Lucky Dragons, an experimental music group from Los Angeles, will perform a site-specific work that features a collaboration with Houston-based vocalists, arranged alongside an array of environmental field recordings and live electronics; a composition that lyrically speaks to biodiversity, human ecological impact and climate change as a loss of complexity in a moment of transition.

Marfa Dialogues / St. Louis

July 30 – August 3, 2014

The Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts, Ballroom Marfa and the Public Concern Foundation will bring Marfa Dialogues to St. Louis from July 30 – August 3, 2014 as we continue our examination of artistic practice, climate change science, and civic engagement.

Marfa Dialogues / NY

October-November 2013

The Robert Rauschenberg Foundation, Ballroom Marfa and the Public Concern Foundation will bring the Marfa Dialogues to New York in October-November 2013 as we continue our examination of climate change science, environmental activism and artistic practice.

Robert Rauschenberg Summer Knight Glut, 1987 Assembled metal parts, 67 1/2 x 96 x 9 inches (171.5 x 243.8 x 22.9 cm) Robert Rauschenberg Foundation

Quiet Earth

15 October 2013 – 30 November 2013

Quiet Earth, an exhibition curated by Fairfax Dorn as part of Marfa Dialogues/New York, features environmentally-engaged works from the 1970s to the present.

Carbon 13 opening reception, 31 August 2012. Photo by Lesley Brown.

Carbon 13

Curated by David Buckland. With artists Ackroyd & Harvey, Amy Balkin, Erika Blumenfeld, David Buckland, Adriane Colburn, Antony Gormley, Cynthia Hopkins, and Sunand Prasad.

31 August 2012 - 3 February 2013

Our 2012 fall visual arts exhibition, Carbon 13, presents newly commissioned works by artists that propose a creative response to climate change aimed at stimulating discourse and a wider engagement with the climate debate. Curated by David Buckland. Opening reception on Friday, 31 August 2012.

Marfa Dialogues

Marfa Dialogues 2012

David Buckland, Hamilton Fish, Cynthia Hopkins, Diana Liverman, John Nielsen-Gammon, Michael Pollan, Robert Potts, Tom Rand, Rebecca Solnit, Bonnie J. Warnock

31 August - 2 September 2012

In conjunction with our ongoing partnership with the Washington Spectator, and our co-sponsors The Big Bend Sentinel, Marfa Public Radio and Marfa Book Company, we are hosting our second Marfa Dialogues, which this year will address complex issues associated with environmental sustainability.

Installation view, North Gallery, In Lieu of Unity / En lugar de la unidad


Eduardo Abaroa, Margarita Cabrera, Livia Corona, Minerva Cuevas, Mario García Torres, Máximo González, Paulina Lasa, Teresa Margolles, Pedro Reyes, Tercerunquinto

26 March 2010 - 19 September 2010

Curated by Ballroom Marfa’s Associate Curator Alicia Ritson, In Lieu of Unity brings together artists from Mexico whose practices are marked by ongoing explorations of social relations.

The crowd at the Marfa Dialogues

Marfa Dialogues/Diálogos en Marfa

Benjamin Alire Sáenz, Cecilia Ballí, Charles Bowden, Hamilton Fish, Kathy Staudt, Laura Flanders, Mark Danner, Robert Halpern

17-19 September 2010

Join us September 17-19, 2010 for our first conference about the border, Marfa Dialogues/Diálogos en Marfa.