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Marfa, Texas

concert Series

August 29: Calder Allen

September 15: LA LOM

September 28: Tim Bernardes

November 30: Jess Williamson with Sam Walker

Ballroom is pleased to present a Fall 2024 music series full of romance, nostalgia, and invention. This series featuring four musical acts, from across the Americas and spanning genres, will illuminate each of these artists’ unique ways of connecting with Marfa and its particular geographical, social, and cultural landscape – and with one another.

To open the series on August 29, Ballroom presents Calder Allen. Allen’s singer-songwriter sound is timeless, and his lineage as the grandson of Terry Allen and a fifth-generation Texan are evident in his songs about love of the land and life on the road. Sometimes soaring, sometimes stripped-down, Allen’s music is deeply rooted and his lyrics enduringly honest.

On September 15, LA LOM brings their laid-back, romantic instrumentalism to Ballroom. Full of infectious percussion and plush guitar, the Los Angeles-based trio’s stylish sound crosses borders, decades, and genres. The result is groovy and lushly languorous. LA LOM’s unbuttoned throwback cool is the perfect antidote and accompaniment to summer’s last heave.

Coinciding with Ballroom Supper Club on September 28; Tim Bernardes, from Brazil, brings his otherworldly sound. Elements of choral mysticism, sparkling instrumentation, and Bernardes’ haunting voice come together in a transcendent sonic experience. This multisensory evening, against the backdrop of West Texas, having just rounded the bend of the autumnal equinox, will foster a deep synthesis of art, music, food, and the land from which it is all sourced.

To close out the season on November 30th, Ballroom presents Jess Wiliamson. Her inventive blend of synth-pop instrumentals and classic country twang is distinctly blue – at once it is both the focused glow of a phone screen in a darkened room and the endlessly deep hue of a wide-open sky at dusk’s approach. Williams’ Texas-to-Los Angeles (and back again) sound is apt for the occasion; a surprising and satisfying blend of opposites.