Boyd Elder on Prada Marfa

18 Jun 2013


If you weren’t one of the 6,000 people who saw this on the Ballroom Facebook page, here’s Prada Marfa caretaker and Valentine OG Boyd Elder sharing some thoughts with 60 Minutes about the controversial land art installation he looks after:

“I consider it to be hilarious, I consider it to be facetious, I consider it to be neurotic.”

Keeping things in perspective.

Hyperallergic on Playboy vs. Prada

14 Jun 2013

Tailed jackrabbit lepus californicus rabbit

Hyperallergic is asking a number of questions about the new neon Playboy sign that was installed on highway 90 west of Marfa earlier this week. They’re not alone either, and curious readers looking for more local perspective would be well-served to lurk around the expectedly heated debate on the Marfa Public Radio Facebook page, or read in-depth local coverage from the Big Bend Sentinel.

While the Playboy installation is apparently curated by Neville Wakefield, Playboy’s Creative Director of Special Projects — who was also the curator of Ballroom’s 2011 AutoBody exhibition — it should be said that Ballroom has no direct connection to the installation. Or, as Hyperallergic puts it in their discussion of the inevitable threats of vandalism,

Prada Marfa, the now iconic piece of sculpture by artistic duo Elmgreen and Dragset (which has drawn a fair share of undue comparison to the Playboy project particularly by people outside the art world), was disfigured mere days after its opening and has sustained
numerous acts of vandalism over its eight odd years in existence. When prompted for comment, some speculated on the KRTS Marfa Public Radio Facebook page that the Playboy installation would be “vandalized to the extent of non-use within a month,” while another was more succinct about his thoughts: “target practice.”

This also means that the mildly NSFW spambot Twitter account @sexynudes is now showing up for the first time in our Google Alerts with their coverage of the Playboy project, a somewhat less than auspicious development when it comes to monitoring Marfa’s online presence.

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Well, for a brief but very memorable historic moment, we experienced the real Harper unplugged.

Nick Parker tied the game 1 1 just 1:10 later, but Pat MacIsaac would give the Wildcats a 2 1 lead after one period with a goal of his own with 19 seconds remaining in the opening frame.

Elmgreen & Dragset in Munich

4 Jun 2013

“It’s Never Too Late To Say Sorry” Elmgreen & Dragset Performance on Odeonsplatz, Munich // Photo: Felix Hoerhager

Prada Marfa honchos Elmgreen & Dragset are busy in Germany. From the A Space Called Public website:

“At the invitation of the City of Munich, Elmgreen & Dragset have curated the ongoing exhibition A Space Called Public / Hoffentlich Öffentlich, which began in January and presents a series of art projects in Munich’s public spaces until the end of September.

The project aims to inspire a renewed debate about the concept of public space today. Like many other major European cities, Munich is confronted with the need to address the significance and value of public space as the relevance of the public sphere undergoes a potentially fundamental shift. Public space has traditionally functioned as a place of assembly, for exchanging ideas, and a forum for urban society. However, due to the impact of digital and social media, these activities are now increasingly moving into the virtual realm. Taking this technological and, by extension, social, shift as a starting-point, A Space Called Public / Hoffentlich Öffentlich poses questions concerning the redefinition of public space. How does a city constitute its own identity in 2013?

The program consists of performative, interactive and idea-based projects as well as other non-monumental statements. Its open structure is designed to take place over many months, creating space for curiosity, discovery and a dialogue with the public as the individual artistic strands evolve together. The exhibition features works by Iván Argote & Pauline Bastard, Han Chong, Funda, Stephen Hall & Li Li Ren, Robert Keil & Helin Alas, Martin Kippenberger, Ragnar Kjartansson, Alexander Laner, Namill, Henrik Olesen, Kirsten Pieroth, Ed Ruscha, David Shrigley, Sissel Tolaas, Tatiana Trouvé, Peter Weibel and Elmgreen & Dragset. A special event will take place on June 6 to mark the occasion of all projects being on view.

A series of lectures and panel discussions will accompany the exhibition at the City Hall Gallery on June 7–8, June 15–16 and July 11–13. The City Hall Gallery will also serve as an exhibition space, information point, and the starting location for tours of the various outdoor venues.”

More info via the A Space Called Public website

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And yet I have little memory of it.

Ballroom Clean-Up Crew

29 May 2013

Highway clean-up team, May 2013
Team Ballroom. Not pictured: Jennifer Trammell, who arranged the outing, and Carlos Lujan, who generously pitched in.

Yesterday we cleaned the two miles around Prada Marfa as part of the Adopt-a-Highway program, and we were lucky to have a cloudy(-ish), cool(-ish) day for our inaugural trash duty. We collected 14 bags of trash (!) and came across a few treasures, including a complete calf skeleton (!!) and a high-powered camera lens (!!!). Our tips: Wear boots, avoid white jeans, bring gloves, find camera lenses. See you next quarter.

Ronald Rael at Marfa Book Company

25 Apr 2013

For the third installment of Rio Bravo, Joaquim Hamou brings UC Berkeley Professor Ronald Rael to the Marfa Book Company where he’ll be “discussing a series of critical / theoretical / architectural interventions he has designed for the US = MEXICO border.” That’s tonight, Thursday 25 April 2013 at 6pm.

Rael’s 2008 book Earth Architecture features Elmgreen & Dragset’s Prada Marfa installation, Presidio’s Adobe Alliance and several other Far West Texas sites.

A preview of Earth Architecture‘s Prada Marfa section via Google Books:

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Greller’s experience in the classroom likely helps him on the fairway, Jenks said.

60 Minutes on Prada Marfa

15 Apr 2013

As part of their visit to Marfa, 60 Minutes stopped by Prada Marfa, declaring Elmgreen & Dragset’s installation to be “the most bizarre spot in these parts.” Skip ahead to the 11:35 mark in the above video for a brief interview with Boyd Elder, the sculpture’s caretaker.

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Hopefully he does well, gains some confidence and he can build on that for next year.
DeAndre Jordan and Chris Paul named to all

DeAndre Jordan Chris Paul NBA Los Angeles Clippers Golden State Warriors San Antonio Spurs Tim Duncan DeAndre Jordan and Chris Paul join Kawhi Leonard, Draymond Green and Tony Allen on all defensive first team

Clippers’ center DeAndre Jordan and point guard Chris Paul were named to the NBA’s all defensive first team, the league announced Wednesday.
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