Ballroom Marfa Art Fund



What is the best time to visit Marfa?

Most businesses and galleries in Marfa are closed Mondays and Tuesdays. If you would like to visit during a special event we suggest staying in touch by signing up for our newsletter.

Do you offer facility rentals?

Please note that the Ballroom is not available for rental.

What is your photography policy?

Feel free to photograph Ballroom Marfa exhibitions for personal, non-commercial use. Please note that video or audio recording of special exhibitions, performances, and screenings is not allowed.

Do you take submissions?

Ballroom Marfa does not take outside submissions for exhibitions and programs.

What local accommodations are available in Marfa?

For a list of accommodations in and around Marfa, please visit:
Visit Marfa
Fort Davis (21 miles north)
Alpine (26 miles east)