Ballroom Marfa Art Fund


How much is admission to Ballroom Marfa or stone circle?

Ballroom Marfa and stone circle are free and open to all.

Can we touch the art? 

Please do not touch artworks. We encourage visitors to engage with the artwork in a safe and respectful manner.
There may be artworks that can be experienced physically. The Gallery Assistant will let you know as you check in.

Can children visit?

Yes! We ask adults to please be mindful of children and be with them at all times. Unless otherwise noted, touching of artwork is prohibited. See above.

Are pets allowed? 

Pets are not allowed at Ballroom Marfa. In accordance with federal law, ADA title III service animals are allowed.

Can I take photographs? 

Yes! Noncommercial photography is permitted. We ask that you please refrain from using flash photography. Tripods and large photo equipment are not permitted.