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International Surf Club

Ballroom Marfa’s International Surf Club is a patron group founded in 2018 that directly supports new artist commissions by contributing membership dues to an annual fund.

The Surf Club is also a social club uniting Ballroom’s closest allies from varied creative backgrounds and cities to support an artist-centered program at Ballroom Marfa and promote the creation of new work. Members receive exclusive access to artists’ studios, curator-led tours of international institutions, special events across the globe, and more.

Membership for the International Surf Club is by invitation. For more information, please email


Monica Eulitz

Sabrina Franzheim

Douglas Friedman

Founding Members

Sarah Arison

Eleanor Acquavella Dejoux

Andrea Franchini

Nicholas Kirkwood

Mikelle & Matt Kruger

Alex Logsdail

Tracy O’Brien

Ana Rosenstein


Simi Ahuja

Alia Al-Senussi

Jennifer Bassuk

Nicole Berry

Katherine Brodbeck

Jason Chandra

Jennifer Chbeir Curry & Aaron Curry

Sean Daly

Tara Donovan

Michael Dopp

Rafa Esparza

Eva Fedderly

Carla Fernández & Pedro Reyes

Gaia Fugazza & Haroon Mirza

Rebecca Gardner

Keith Gulla

Loie Hollowell

Brett Alex Jeans

Christina Kim

Allison Laird

Sean Leffers

Sarah Levine & William Laird

Kimberly MacLeod

Mila Mayer

Pedro Mendes

Gary Mercer

Elle Moody

Alexandra Mollof

Nicholas Olney

Thomas Rom

Sonny Ruscha Granade & Rives Granade

Eduardo Sarabia

Nina Sarin

Alex K. Scull

Grace Sheehan

Bosco Sodi

Jane Wesman & Don Savelson