Ballroom Marfa Art Fund

20th Anniversary Fund Donors




Valerie & Robert Arber

Big Bend Banks

Adrian & Susan Billings

Diane Birdsall

Karen Bookatz

Sara Carter*


Gretchen Coles

Jane & Bobby Crockett

Henry & Nancy Crown*

Beth Rudi DeWoody

John Dorn

Meredith Dreiss

Miguel Fernandez

Ady Fong*

Michael Fowler

Peter Hatch

Karen Hillenburg

Janet & Paul Hobby

Susan Kirr

Michael & Jeanne Klein

Miyoung Lee

Adam & Melony Lewis*

Aleksandra Janke & Andrew McCormack

Janie & Cappy McGarr

Moonlight Gemstones

Louise O’Connor

Daniel Orozco

Nancy & Rod Sanders*

Isha Rogers Santamaria

Alexander Rower*

Peter Selig

Rosser Kemp & Monte Shoemaker

Norman B. Starr

Neil Subin*

Karen Welder

Cary Wilson

Susan Woodward



*Everything that Ballroom does is made possible through the generosity of all of our supporters! A special thank you to those who gave significant gifts to our 20th Anniversary Fund.