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Angela McCluskey & Paul Cantelon

Angela McCluskey, Paul Cantelon

12 May 2007

Angela McCluskey & Paul Cantelon
May 12, 2007
Liberty Hall

Angela McCluskey is the rarest of modern vocalists: a witty, literate lyricist with soul, charisma, and technique to match. Paul Cantelon is a classically trained pianist with two acclaimed solo recordings and multiple film scores to his credit. On Saturday, May 12, McCluskey and Cantelon join forces for a rare and very special duo showcase at Ballroom’s Liberty Hall.

“The striking vocals of Angela McCluskey will make you remember the first time you heard Miles blow his horn or Billie sing the blues. That’s not inaccurate. People bandy phrases like this around, but let it be known that Angela McCluskey is no less than the real deal.” –Hits Magazine

“Paul’s recordings for solo piano and trio are like drops of rain wearing bright coloured dresses. His music is filled with sunshine, a place of pleasure and escape. What more can I say? Paul’s music is serene.” — Rickie Lee Jones

    Generous support for An Evening with Angela McCluskey and Paul Cantelon has been provided by Allison Sarofim.