Marfa Dialogues

Lecture Series: Art, Airfields & Airspace by Kathleen Shafer

Kathleen Shafer

12 July 2011

Ballroom Marfa is pleased to launch our new lecture series with the talk “Art, Airfields & Airspace” by Kathleen Shafer. Shafer is an artist pursuing a PhD in geography at The University of Texas at Austin. Her visual work explores and documents airfields, and her research on this subject is what brought her back into academia. She is especially interested in Marfa’s military history and the later repurposing of spaces by Judd. She will be writing a dissertation about the place and experience of Marfa, and is interested in parallel concepts of place and space between both geographic and artistic thought. Please join us for this special event, generously hosted by Marfa Book Company. Talk begins at 6 pm.

    [vimeo 27541484]

    Special thanks to Marfa Book Company for their support.