Marfa Dialogues

Maria Jose Arjona

Maria Jose Arjona

10 October 2003 - 12 January 2004

In honor of Chinati Open House weekend, Columbian performance artist, Maria Jose Arjona, will perform Vault at the Ballroom for three days during the weekend. Arjona will christen the space with a meditative walk around a ring of charcoal symbolically shaped like a snake eating itself. Creating a relationship with the snake form, Arjona will use the charcoal to methodically draw star shaped symbols on the freshly painted walls in the Ballroom’s north gallery.

Vault is a space transformed by the motion of a body. It is a process of meditation where drawing is the basic tool to address evolution, simplicity and life. The piece contemplates the cycles of matter and its deconstruction in order to create again.”
–Maria Jose Arjona

Maria Jose Arjona was born in Bogotá, Columbia, July 15th, 1972. She graduated from the Higher Academy of Art in Bogotá, with a Masters in Plastic Arts and an emphasis on performance and installation. Maria has participated in solo and group shows in Bogotá, Miami, and New York City. She is currently living in Miami, Florida. Ballroom Marfa is excited to have Maria as our first emerging international performance artist.

    Performance artist Maria Jose Arjona speaks about her three-day duration performance at Ballroom Marfa, Vault, in October 2003. Video courtesy of Maria Jose Arjona.