Marfa Dialogues

The Blood of a Poet with Eluvium

1 January 2011

1 January 2011
Masonic Lodge
Cocktail hour: 7 pm
Showtime: 8 pm

Celebrate the first day of 2011 with Ballroom Marfa! For our second annual New Year’s film program, we’ll show Jean Cocteau’s avant-garde film The Blood of a Poet, accompanied by a live score by Matthew Cooper, who performs as Eluvium. Cocteau proclaimed, “Poets . . . shed not only the red blood of their hearts but the white blood of their souls,” and, in his first film, explores the plight of the artist, the power of metaphor, and the relationship between art and dreams.

All the festivities take place at the Masonic Lodge in downtown Marfa (124 N. Highland Ave).

“One of cinema’s great experiments, this first installment of the Orphic Trilogy stretches the medium to its limits in an effort to capture the poet’s obsession with the struggle between the forces of life and death.” –The Criterion Collection

Read Jean Cocteau’s essay about The Blood of a Poet.

    Listen to Marfa Public Radio’s Talk at Ten interview with Eluvium.

    A clip from Jean Cocteau’s The Blood of a Poet.

    Special thanks to Jeff Fort and Marion Barthelme, Tito’s Vodka, Marfa Industries, Marfa Recording Co., Alex Marks, and Cat Cox.