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Yeasayer, Javelin

13 April 2010

Yeasayer with Javelin
Tuesday 13 April 2010
Crowley Theater
Doors at 7:30, Concert at 8:00

Ballroom Marfa is proud to present an ecstatic evening with Yeasayer on Tuesday April 13th at the Crowley Theater.

Art-rockers Yeasayer arrived emerged from the Brooklyn music scene in 2008 with All Hour Cymbals, a blissful record with a spiritual vibe rooted in the droning ecstasy of German krautrock, the dark-skies pathos of North African desert blues and the songbook of some enlightened barbershop quartet. Tours with Beck and MGMT followed, and the group shared their bohemian psychedelia with fellow traveler Natasha Khan as producers on Bat For Lashes’ critically-acclaimed 2009 album, Two Suns.

Yeasayer changed course slightly with their sophomore effort, 2010’s Odd Blood. It’s a collection of music that keeps the whirling polyglot sounds of their previous work, while throbbing with the dance floor pulse of global techno culture, and revealing an array of saxophones, synthesizers and other wholly unexpected New Wave flourishes. It’s also a shift that brings to mind comparisons to David Bowie, Depeche Mode and perhaps most tellingly, the art-rock/world music fusion of Peter Gabriel.

The first single from Odd Blood, “Ambling Alp,” is an invigorating self-help anthem with cryptic allusions to boxing matches of the ’30s, and is accompanied by a disorienting video that simultaneously points to the youthful exuberance of photographer Ryan McGinley and the mystical deserts of Alejandro Jodorowsky’s El Topo — naked young bodies leaping and tumbling down sand dunes as a strange, shape-shifting figure clad in nomadic robes looks on from horseback.

In addition to their show at the Crowley Theater, Yeasayer will be conducting a workshop at Marfa ISD as part of Ballroom Marfa’s Outreach and Education Program. They’ll be working directly with band director Forrest Perry and Principal Graydon Hicks on an interactive lesson. “The school band, grades 6-12, will be participating in the program, and it sounds like it will be a great experience,” says Perry.

Yeasayer will be joined on stage by fellow Brooklynites Javelin, a duo making summery offbeat R&B and electro jams in a decidedly tropical vein. They’re also known for transmitting their live show through an array of boomboxes arranged about the stage.

    The Yeasayer performance and Educational Programs in Marfa are made possible through the generous support of the National Endowment for the Arts, Texas Commission on the Arts, Marfa Independent School District, and Ballroom Marfa’s Front Row Members. Special thanks to Tim Crowley, Jennifer Bell, and the Crowley Theater.

    In-kind support for this concert generously provided by Joe Duncan of the Hotel Paisano.