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AJ Castillo at Marfa Lights

31 Aug 2013


Marfa, Texas


AJ Castillo at Marfa Lights with The Resonators

The Marfa Chamber of Commerce hosted the annual Marfa Lights Festival in 2013 where Ballroom Marfa co-presented award-winning Tejano accordionist AJ Castillo.

Three-time award winner AJ Castillo is known for his unique accordion sound and style, his energetic live performances, and his extraordinary custom accordions. Having lent his musical talent to many artists through countless studio recordings and performances, in late 2008 he felt it was time to step to the front of the stage and introduce a fresh new sound that expands the boundaries of accordion music.

With the release of his debut CD, Who I Am, followed by On My Way and The MixTape, which is a power Cumbia CD, the DVD Up Close and Personal and the New Movement, AJ has embarked on a new journey as a well-known accordionist, singer, and performer.

In 2009 AJ kicked off the Tejano Music National Convention in Dallas and in 2010 became a three-time award winner, being named the Tejano Music Awards Best New Male Artist and the Tejano Academy’s Best Accordion Player and Best Emerging Artist.


Listen to Marfa Public Radio’s West Texas Talk interview with AJ Castillo, on KRTS 93.5FM.