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Music for Earth Day

22 April 2022


Marfa, Texas


Newman Taylor Baker / Jace Clayton / Li(sa E.) Harris / Roberto Carlos Lange  / Lori Scacco / Jamire Williams

Performance Schedule

6pm Doors | Ballroom Marfa Courtyard

Performances by Roberto Carlos Lange, Li(sa E.) Harris, and Jamire Williams

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9pm Doors | Marfa Visitor Center

Live Scores of Star Scores by Jace Clayton (DJ Rupture), Lori Scacco, and Newman Taylor Baker

Ballroom presented Music for Earth Day on April 22, 2022. As part of our 2022 exhibition, Kite Symphony, this gathering brought together seven artists to perform in honor of Earth Day. The artists invited listeners to immerse themselves in the sonic landscape of the exhibition, which then further expanded into Ballroom’s courtyard with sunset shows and live-score performances of Star Scores at the Marfa Visitor Center.

The audience joined us in Ballroom’s courtyard with Roberto Carlos Lange, widely known as Helado Negro, who performed a selection of songs that were primarily recorded at Marfa Recording Company during the pandemic. Lange then performed a live rendition of Kite Symphony, Four Variations, originally commissioned by Ballroom and named by ​​Pitchfork as one of the top 16 ambient albums of 2020. The presentation continued with sunset performances from interdisciplinary artist, impovisor, and opera singer Li(sa E.) Harris, and multidisciplinary artist, composer, percussionist & producer Jamire Williams.

The evening continued at the Marfa Visitor Center with Star Scores, a film commissioned by Ballroom. Live scores were performed by noted electronic artists Jace ClaytonLori Scacco, and experimental washboard percussionist Newman Taylor Baker with new sounds from his Washboard XT project. The film, installed in Ballroom’s north gallery,  was created by Kristi Sword on 16mm film and later digitized, and features handmade animations of stars orbiting, splitting and multiplying through an imaginary celestial space, inspired by the dark skies of West Texas.

On April 22, 2022, we released Kite Symphony, Four Variations on vinyl in a limited edition of 100.

Admission for all events was free.