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Milk Fountain—A conversation with Loie Hollowell

January 27 at 3pm CST

Intimate Conversation

A digital studio visit and conversation with artist Loie Hollowell and Ballroom director, Laura Copelin, hosted by curator Daisy Nam. Laura and Loie first worked together in 2016 and in this intimate talk connected about motherhood, the body and abstraction in Hollowell’s painting and practice. This conversation coincided with the release of Hollowell’s new limited edition Milk Fountain (2021).

Loie Hollowell was part of After Effect, a group exhibition organized by Copelin at Ballroom in 2016 that featured immersive artworks in painting, sculpture, installation and film and ranged from the cosmic and psychedelic to the sensual and visionary. The exhibition looked at historical paintings and film from the ‘30s and ‘40s alongside works from contemporary artists including Hollowell that addressed notions of the sublime, touching on mortality, landscape, the body, and various modes of abstraction.

Milk Fountain - A Conversation w/ Loie Hollowell