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After Effect Opens March 11

8 Feb 2016

After Effect Postcard Image 3

After Effect
March 11 – August 21, 2016

Featuring: Dan Colen; Loie Hollowell; key works by Emil Bisttram, Raymond Jonson, Agnes Pelton, Florence Miller Pierce, and Stuart Walker of the Transcendental Painting Group; an animated film by Oskar Fischinger; and an installation by Arturo Bandini.

Friday, March 11
Opening Reception 6 – 9pm at Ballroom Marfa
7pm Performance by Heron Oblivion

Saturday, March 12
Exhibition Walkthrough 11am at Ballroom Marfa

The opening weekend of After Effect coincides with the Marfa Myths music festival, March 10-13, curated by Ballroom Marfa and Mexican Summer.

Above image from Dan Colen, Coming Down Again, 2015

After Effect has been made possible by the generous support of The Brown Foundation, Inc.; National Endowment for the Arts; Texas Commission on the Arts; the Ballroom Marfa Board of Trustees; and Ballroom Marfa members.
Additional support of the exhibition has been provided by the Center for Visual Music; Feuer/Mesler; Gagosian Gallery; Massimo De Carlo Gallery; Michael Rosenfeld Gallery; and Venus Over Manhattan.

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