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Andy Coolquitt at Lisa Cooley

29 Aug 2014

andy coolquitt

tricky/sweat/3way/thing/dropping/hair/biting/fling by Andy Coolquitt. Courtesy of Lisa Cooley.

Chinati artist-in-residence alum and all around cool dude Andy Coolquitt’s show somebody place opens September 7th at Lisa Cooley in New York. Coolquitt’s work has “garnered international recognition for his use of sculpture as a means to highlight how humans relate to each other and to the spaces around them.”

From Lisa Cooley:

Echoing William Carlos Williams’ poetic dictum, “no ideas but in things,” the intelligence of Andy Coolquitt’s work is embedded within the objects themselves, in the accumulated knowledge of stuff that is communicated through use.
(We somehow know, Coolquitt likes to point out, that the bed doesn’t go in the kitchen.) The works in somebody place are the result of Coolquitt’s interest in “the intersubjectivity of stuff,” in how the interconnectedness of daily rituals often complicate the boundaries that separate order from chaos, function from disfunction.

We loved Coolquitt’s most recent show,
Multi-Marfa Room, at the Locker Plant in Marfa, so if you’re in New York, be sure to check it out.

somebody place will be on view from September 7 until October 19 at Lisa Cooley.

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