Ballroom Marfa Art Fund


Barbara Kasten at Tony Wight Gallery

27 Sep 2011

Barbara Kasten, Studio Construct 125

Barbara Kasten

Studio Construct 125, 2011

Archival pigment print

53 15/16 x 43 1/2 inches

Edition of 5

We’re so happy to announce that Ballroom Marfa alum Barbara Kasten has a new exhibition of photographs, Ineluctable, at Tony Wight Gallery in Chicago. The exhibition showcases Kasten’s newest series of abstract photographs, which record the consequential traces of light upon large-scale assemblages composed for the camera. Instead of using photography as record or reference, the physical object, which is the transparent Plexiglas plane, becomes unimportant — and light and shadow become the subject (a technique she explored in the Studio Constructs from our 2010 show, Immaterial).

Most excitingly, the work in Ineluctable also includes Kasten’s works from the 1970s—cyanotypes, Polaroids, and drawings on photographic paper. Even in these early works, you can see Kasten challenging and experimenting with elements of transparency, color, light and structure.

Barbara Kasten’s Ineluctable runs from 9 September–15 October 2011 at the Tony Wight Gallery in Chicago.