Ballroom Marfa Art Fund


Blind Lion: Adam Helms

13 Jun 2011


Untitled (LIFE: Marjan, Blind Lion)
Courtesy of the artist and Grimm Gallery

Amsterdam’s excellent Grimm Gallery is showcasing Adam Helms’ new show, Blind Lion, his first solo exhibition in the Netherlands. (Helms was in the Ballroom shows You Are Here and Every Revolution Is a Roll of the Dice, as well as generously participated in our 2011 Benefit.) The title of the exhibition is derived from one of Helms’ most recent works, Untitled (LIFE: Marjan, Blind Lion), which refers to Marjan, the blind lion of Afghanistan’s Kabul Zoo. Marjan survived the Russian invasion and the Afghan civil war, but when a soldier threw a grenade into the lion’s den in 1993, Marjan was left wounded, deaf, and blind, and became a symbol for a country savaged by the duel forces of imperialism and fundamentalism. The show as a whole summons these themes, as well as cultural dystopia, colonialism, war, and 19th century American art of the frontier. It runs from 28 May to 9 July 2011.

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