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Bob Nickas picks the best of 2011

5 Jan 2012

The Dirtbombs’ cover of “Shari Vari,” one of Bob Nickas’ best of 2011

asked a number of artists, curators, and critics for their picks of 2011, including curator and editor Bob Nickas, who curated Every Revolution Is a Roll of the Dice for us back in 2007. I love “best of” lists, and Nickas’ is pretty interesting, especially his music choices, which include The Dirtbombs, Ty Segall (who played the opening of Immaterial in 2010, which was incredible), the Melvins, the Caretaker, and Tim Hecker. (and note that Ballroom alum Charline Von Heyl’s current show at ICA Philadelphia got a shout-out, as did Flint Jamison’s solo show in Paris and the excellent triplecanopy). –NICKI