Ballroom Marfa Art Fund


Cass McCombs poster by Jillian Tamaki and Jon Han

15 Jun 2011


Cass McCombs poster, designed by Jillian Tamaki and Jon Han.

I’ve been dying to work with Jillian Tamaki forever, after falling in love with her contribution to the Pencil Factory Newsprint, which won the Silver Medal from the Society of Illustrators in 2010. She’s an amazing illustrator and artist (her short comic “Domestic Men of Mystery” will be included in this year’s Best American Comics), and also recently did these insane needlepoint book covers for Penguin Classics. ANYWAY. She’s great. And I’m so happy to announce that she and her friend Jon Han designed the poster for the upcoming Cass McCombs show (tickets on sale here). The posters are being printed now, and will be in our store soon. (We’ll also be selling them at the show. Very limited-edition.) –NICKI

Update: The posters arrived, and they look amazing. Special thanks to Industry Screenprint in Austin for doing such a killer job. Onsale now!