Marfa Dialogues

Making Art Work: Adriane Colburn & David Buckland

30 August 2012

Ballroom Marfa was pleased to have Carbon 13 artists Adriane Colburn and David Buckland visit art students at Marfa Senior High School as part of our Making Art Work program.

David shared tidbits from his career as an artist, environmentalist and leader, all of which he has focused towards his vision for Cape Farewell, an organization he founded and now directs, which takes artists, scientists, philosophers, musicians, and academics to the world’s tipping points. He explained that these expeditions are taken on old schooners, and participants are expected to create work inspired by their experience on the expedition.

Like all of the artists in the exhibition Carbon 13, Adriane accompanied David on a Cape Farewell expedition in 2009 to the Amazon. There she took photographs and video of the anaconda infested waters, the humid forests and native life, though admitted that often the environment was so humid that her camera would power off. Adriane has two works in Carbon 13, both of which reimagine the opposite landscapes of Midland, TX and the Amazon.

    Generous support for Ballroom Marfa’s education programs is provided by Texas Commission on the Arts and Ballroom Marfa members.

    Special thanks to Mary Boyd, Marfa Independent School District and Cynthia Wimberley.