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Making Art Work: Jason Adasiewicz

19 Sep 2012


Marfa, Texas


Jason Adasiewicz

Ballroom Marfa was pleased to have vibraphonist Jason Adasiewicz visit Mr. Waechter’s 8th grade band class as part of our Making Art Work program.  By coordinating in-class visits, the program gives students direct exposure to working art professionals, like Adasiewicz. Adaslewicz instructed students in vibraphone techniques and well as musical histories of jazz, rock and the avant-garde. 

Jason Adasiewicz is a 34-year-old vibraphonist hailing from Chicago, and in keeping with the city’s longstanding cross-pollination of jazz and indie rock — see the work of Rob Mazurek as well as the iconic post-rock group Tortoise — he has played with Edith Frost and Pinetop Seven as well as the avant-garde ensemble Exploding Star Orchestra. Adasiewicz began his career studying jazz drums, a background that informs his unique style.