Marfa Dialogues

stone circle

stone circle by Haroon Mirza

The sculpture is on view during Ballroom’s gallery hours:
Wednesday–Saturday 10am-6pm & Sunday 10am-3pm

Full moon activations:

December 22, 2018; 6:30pm
January 20, 2019; 6:52pm
February 19, 2019; 7:17pm
March 20 2019; 8:37pm
April 19, 2019; 8:56pm
May 18, 2019; 9:15pm
June 17, 2019; 9:30pm
July 16, 2019; 9:29pm
August 15, 2019; 9:08pm
September 13, 2019; 8:34pm
October 13, 2019; 7:57pm
November 12, 2019; 6:31pm
December 11, 2019; 6:26pm

Ballroom Marfa is pleased to announce stone circle by Haroon Mirza. Inspired by ancient megaliths, this large-scale outdoor sculpture will be open to the public in the high desert grasslands east of Marfa, Texas. This project is a continuation of Ballroom’s signature practice of commissioning site-specific artworks and installations, and is our most ambitious public commission since Elmgreen & Dragset’s Prada Marfa was completed in 2005. The stone circle will remain in the landscape for the next several years.

Mirza’s stone circle refers to prehistoric monuments such as Stonehenge and Nine Ladies, megaliths erected by humans and used for mysterious practices related to communion with the Earth. The work features black marble boulders that produce patterns of electronic sound and light from energy generated by solar panels. Each of the eight stones in the circle is carved to integrate LEDs and speakers. The ninth stone, the “mother” stone, sits outside the circle. The mother stone’s solar panels charge a bank of batteries that will power a sound and light score that we will activate with each full moon. The stone circle is the second movement from Mirza’s Solar Symphonies series of artworks.

Ballroom Marfa is working with the artist to develop a calendar of dance, music, and performance events where artists will engage with and interpret the sculpture. This includes reprogramming the stones with a series of commissioned full moon compositions that will change the sculpture’s sonic presence over time. Additionally, Ballroom is developing a broad slate of supplementary programs, using education and multidisciplinary collaboration to expand on the stone circle’s ability to spark conversation and contemplation.

The stone circle’s impact also extends to our local community through initiatives with project partners Freedom Solar, the largest solar energy provider in Texas. Ballroom Marfa and Freedom Solar are hosting community forums on solar power, planning a hands-on solar education workshop at Marfa Independent School District, and creating opportunities for Far West Texas residents and business owners to switch to solar power. Freedom Solar has made a commitment to donate a solar power system to the City of Marfa’s Volunteer Fire Department in 2018.

Haroon Mirza was born in London in 1977 where he lives and works. He has a BA in Painting from Winchester School of Art, an MA in Design Critical Practice and Theory from Goldsmiths College (2006) and an MA in Fine Art from Chelsea College of Art and Design (2007). Recent solo exhibitions include ‘ããã’, Pivô, São Paulo, Brazil (2016); Nam June Paik Center, Seoul, South Korea (2015); Matadero, Madrid, Spain (2015); Museum Tinguely, Basel, Switzerland (2015); Museum Haus Konstruktiv, Zurich, Switzerland (2014); Le Corbusier’s Villa Savoye, Poissy, France (2014); IMMA, Dublin, Ireland (2014); Le Grand Café, Saint-Nazaire, France (2014); The Hepworth, Wakefield, UK (2013); MIMA, Middlesbrough, UK (2013); The New Museum, New York, USA (2012); Kunst Halle Sankt Gallen, St Gallen, Switzerland (2012); University of Michigan Museum of Art, Ann Arbor, USA (2012); Camden Arts Centre, London, UK (2011) and A-Foundation, Liverpool, UK (2009). His work was included in the 7th Shenzhen Sculpture Biennale, China (2012) and the 54th Venice Biennale, Italy (2011), where he was awarded the Silver Lion. He was awarded the Northern Art Prize in 2011, the DAIWA Foundation Art Prize in 2012, the Zurich Art Prize in 2013, the Nam June Paik Art Center Prize in 2014 and the Calder Art Prize in 2015.

    This project is made possible through major support from A.S. Gage Ranches Partnership, Ltd.; Freedom Solar Power; Nicholas Kirkwood; Lisson Gallery; and Allison Sarofim.

    Project sponsors include Simi Ahuja and Kumar Mahadeva; the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts; Arts Council England; British Council; The Brown Foundation Inc., Houston; Carrie Chen & Stanley Cohen, Scone Foundation; Fairfax Dorn & Marc Glimcher; Andee & Aziz Friedrich; Elan Gentry & Sandy Rower; Christine & Sandy Heller; Jenny & Trey Laird; Dorothy Shuford Lanier; Jesse Marlo Lazowski, Marlo Laz; Alex Logsdail; Agnes Rein; and Bara & Alex Tisch.

    Generous funding has also been provided by Suzanne Deal Booth; Lauren & Andres Santo Domingo; Moritz Landgrebe; Virginia Lebermann; National Endowment for the Arts; Bettina Prentice; Claus Robenhagen; Erica Samuels; Donna & Michael Sternberg; and Texas Commission on the Arts.

    In-kind support provided by Freedom Solar Power; Prentice Cultural; and Jayson H. Seidman

    Special thanks to Ben Barwise; The Big Bend Sentinel; Michael Camacho; Joe Cashiola; Ross Cashiola; Vicente Celis; Brent Charlesworth; The Chinati Foundation; Andy Cope; Matt Grant; Alice Hackney; Craig Hawker; Louise Hayward; Judd Foundation; Emma Gifford-Mead; Robert Potts; Stephen Rabourn; Gryphon Rue; Alex Seyer; Mirza’s studio; Marfa Public Radio; Marfa Solar System; Leo Villareal; and Mac White. Ballroom Marfa is grateful for the continued support of our Board of Trustees, Ballroom Marfa members, and the community of Marfa and Far West Texas.