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Marfa Solar Social

4 Aug 2017


Marfa, Texas


Ballroom Marfa, in collaboration with the Judd Foundation and Marfa Solar System, hosted Freedom Solar Power for a Marfa Solar Social in the Ballroom courtyard. Members of Sun Power and Freedom Solar spoke on the benefits of renewable energy, regional solar rebates, and solar power technology. 

Ballroom’s collaboration with Freedom Solar grew out of stone circle – a large-scale, site-specific public art project by artist Haroon Mirza. Inspired by ancient megaliths, the stone circle was installed semi-permanently at a site accessible to the public just outside of Marfa. The work features black marble boulders that produce patterns of electronic sound and light from energy generated by solar panels. Freedom Solar generously provided in-kind support for Mirza’s installation, helping us realize this ambitious project. The stone circle is a continuation of Ballroom Marfa’s mission to commission internationally-relevant artworks that respond to and engage with our community and environment.

Partner Profiles

Freedom Solar Power

Founded in 2007, Freedom Solar Power is the longest serving solar company in Texas and leader in turnkey solar installations in Texas. Recognized as the number one supplier of residential solar systems in Austin by Austin Energy, and the third-fastest growing company in Central Texas by the Austin Business Journal in 2015, Freedom Solar Power has installed more than 16 megawatts of solar panels across Texas and has completed projects for corporate clients including Whole Foods, Office Depot,Strictly Pediatrics Surgical Hospital, Lake Flato Architects, and the University of Texas.

Judd Foundation

Judd Foundation is a 501(c)(3) public charity created to preserve the permanently installed living and working spaces of Donald Judd in New York and Marfa, Texas. The Foundation promotes a wider understanding of Judd’s artistic legacy by providing access to these spaces and resources and by developing scholarly and educational programs. Judd Foundation supports the use of renewable energy within the region as a continuation of Judd’s stewardship of the land in Far West Texas and his advocacy of the natural world at large.

Marfa Solar System

Marfa Solar System is a group of citizens looking to make Marfa more habitable for current and future generations. The organization has broad ideas to help promote the longevity of Marfa’s community through the implementation and education of but not limited to: renewable energy (Marfa is sitting on a sun-gold-mine), innovative water systems, and new ecological practices. MARFA SOLAR SYSTEM believes Marfa can be a bright beacon to light the path and stand out as an example for other communities, large and small.