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Grown from mainly punk seeds

8 Oct 2012

Brian DeGraw of Gang Gang Dance on Philip Glass:

“I think his relationship with [the Chinese meditation practice] Qi Gong is very, very relevant and that has also been really inspirational in terms of helping me to approach life and music from a different direction. I have grown from mainly punk seeds and have made the majority of the music I’ve been involved in within the framework of punk, but at a certain age, I could feel myself progressing out of that state of mind a bit and really following the paths of meditation and spirituality and basically subscribing less and less to a “fuck the world” mentality and more and more to an “un-fuck the world” type train of thought. I tend to relate that transition to Glass a lot, in that, while his music has always had a fairly academic approach, it also had a necessary rawness in the early days. It had very deep meditational rough edges. Spiritual performance punk.”

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