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“It was convincing and strangely beautiful.”

11 Sep 2012

Peter Brötzmann, photo by Michelle V. Agins. Courtesy of The New York Times.

Peter Brötzmann at Le Poisson Rouge, September 5, 2012. Photo by Michelle V. Agins. Courtesy of The New York Times.

Great article by Ben Ratliff in the The New York Times about Peter Brötzmann & Jason Adasiewicz, who played last Wednesday at Le Poisson Rouge:

For a while Mr. Adasiewicz, instead of mallets, used cello bows. He drew them up and down along the edges of the bars of the vibraphone, making an icy, chordal, planing sound; he ended the down strokes with a bump, falling on the bars, smacking them with the heels of his hands. Then he held the bow horizontally and began to mash it on the instrument, fiberglass on aluminum, straight across the row of bars or at angles to it, producing clattery tone clusters of different sizes. (He kept the sustain pedal down almost the entire time: in his playing, all sorts of dissonance rings out unapologetically and sticks around for a while.)

It was convincing and strangely beautiful. I’ve never heard those sounds from that instrument, and never seen anybody sweat on it that much.

Peter Brötzmann & Jason Adasiewicz play a free concert for us next Tuesday, September 18, at the Crowley Theater. Doors at 8 pm; show at 8:30 pm. –NI

Bath in the Papers

The Engineer has covered the opening of The Centre for Low Emission Vehicle at Bath and quotes Professor Gary Hawley (Faculty of Engineering Design)A un lado est la isla danesa de Selandia, y al otro, la sueca Escania.
He said nothing about looking for the captured Yukawa, Maeda said, but now wonders if his friend did try to find Yukawa while he was in the area as reported by some Japanese media and was captured in the process.
This is an Israeli point of view

1973 War “The Yom Kippur War” Egypt and Syria launched a surprise attack Taken off guard, Israel suffered heavy losses and was almost overwhelmed A massive US airlift of materials and supplies averted the disaster Within days, Israel recovered and launched a fierce counter attack US diplomacy once again constructed a cease fire, and an uneasy truce fell over the Middle East In retaliation for US airlift support to Israel, Arab oil producing states temporarily stopped shipping oil to the United States Part 1 of a 4 part series on the Yom Kippur War

Cairo Egyptian air defense commanders are puzzled by an episode that occurred late in the October, 1973, War when an Israeli Phantom was shot down in Sinai and the pilot ejected and parachuted safely into no man land between the two armies.