Ballroom Marfa Art Fund


Justina Villanueva’s Photography

11 Oct 2011


Photo by Justina Villanueva, 2011.

“There are a lot of photos in this post that can describe my visit to Marfa, but this is one of my favorite moments. Ballroom Marfa flew Mick out to play the opening of ‘Autobody’. There were a lot of back and forth emails. There was planning of flights and hotel rooms. There were press releases and posters. But on Friday 9/30/11, all the things that go into preparing an art opening and music performance were outshined by the most strategic and intense game of tag played by the youth of Marfa. Man, that game was intense. So intense that the kids had no idea there was a dude incessantly playing metallic solos for 30 minutes. Towards the end of Mick’s set, one of the girls found a spider. So there was a lot of running back and forth while holding a spider in two cups. I had a lot of big chuckles throughout the weekend. This picture really does just sum it up.”

— Justina Villaneuva, from her blog, describing her and performer Mick Barr‘s weekend in Marfa as part of the AutoBody opening, 30 September 2011

More amazing photos here. Thanks to Justina and Mick and all the artists — Liz Cohen, Jonathan Schipper, Meredith Danluck, and Neville Wakefield — for being such awesome guests. It was an honor to have them.