Ballroom Marfa Art Fund


Mark your intergalatic calendars

14 Feb 2012


We are ecstatic to announce our 2012 Benefit Dinner & Concert taking place 25-28 May 2012 in Marfa, Texas — A Trip to the Moon: A Weekend with Aliens and Astronauts. Please join us for this interstellar adventure.

Set in the far-flung environs of the Texas desert, we will host an extraordinary weekend of events recognizing and celebrating nine years of presenting art, film and music. The centerpiece will be an otherworldly dinner curated by Jens Hoffmann, and the weekend will also include a very special musical performance and several intimate parties.

So dust off your dark matter and plan to head west this spring for an unforgettable experience…!

For more information, please call MF Productions at 212.243.7300 or email [email protected]. More details coming soon.

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