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Mississippi Records

14 Aug 2012

Mississippi Records

If you don’t know the brilliance that is Mississippi Records, well, here we go. A record label run out of Montreal and Portland (and named after co-founder Eric Isaacson’s record store in Portland), it specializes in forgotten or overlooked musicians, spanning American roots, blues, gospel, art punk, and world music, ultimately creating a “strange and beautiful canon,” as described by J. Spaceman. Indeed, there’s something haunting about all the records. (Learn more about the label via these interviews with co-founders Eric Isaacson and Warren Hill.)

At any rate, the excellent Aquarius Records in San Francisco has restocked and rounded up many Mississippi Records releases, so grab them quick. The Clean LP, which is awesome, is already gone, but you can still get plenty of gems, including Marisa Anderson, Abner Jay and Mahmoud Ahmed. –NI