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New Grouper cover of Dead Moon’s “Demona”

25 Jan 2012

Friend and Arthur alum Dan Chamberlin just told us about the new Grouper cover of (legendary Pacific NW punk band) Dead Moon’s “Demona,” taken from an exclusive 7″ that comes free with the new issue of YETI Magazine. Liz did a residency with us back in May of 2010, where she played an amazing show and recorded two tracks for our very first Ballroom 7″ (which sold out overnight). She also just scored Weston Currie’s new movie, The Perception of Moving Targets, which was featured at Sundance this year. And she has a new collaboration with Tiny Vipers — under the name Mirrorring — coming out March 19 via Kranky.

Total hero.

Check out both Grouper’s and Dead Moon’s versions below, and head over to Yeti to get more info about the 7″. –NICKI

Download: Grouper “Demona” (Dead Moon cover)

Demona by Dead Moon on Grooveshark

You wrap your colors over my eyes