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Our quad-yearly trip down the Flickr rabbit hole

11 Jan 2013

Sunand Prashad's weather balloons, courtesy of Yelp Bham

Every few months I go on a weird Flickr run for photos of Marfa and Ballroom, and it’s a total rabbit hole, because seeing the place you live and work through others’ eyes is suprising/exotic/refreshing/strange/mesmerizing. Yesterday I found this photo of Sunand Prasad’s weather balloons from Carbon 13, courtesy of Yelp Bham, and a great one from Phil Elverum/Mount Eerie, who played at Marfa Book Company back in September, and this Prada Marfa photo, courtesy of anand_modi. More favorites here.

Prada Marfa by anand_modi

May have already posted this but, if not, download immediately: Townes Van Zandt, live at the University of Minnesota’s Whole Coffeehouse in late 1973. Courtesy of our pals at Aquarium Drunkard.