Ballroom Marfa Art Fund


Pyramids in action

17 Oct 2012

installing <em>Pyramids of Conscience</em> at the Texas Contemporary

Live from the Texas Contemporary: Here’s our Executive Director, Fairfax Dorn, and our Exhibition Coordinator, Rosa McElheny, installing Agnes Denes’ Pyramids of Conscience. Denes created the four languid, eight-foot tall pyramids — each referencing some kind of liquid — for Ballroom Marfa for the 2005 exhibition Treading Water. For the original installation, water was collected from the Marfa tap and the Rio Grande River south of Marfa; for the Texas Contemporary, water from the Houston tap and the Gulf of Mexico will connect the pyramids to their new site (see previous post for details on how we wrangled the water).

The fair opens Friday (the opening night party is Thursday night), so please stop by and check out the pyramids, and swing by our booth, #807, to see a new body of work by Liz Cohen, a new print by Raymond Pettibon and pieces by Simone Leigh.