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Sonnenzimmer test prints

17 Sep 2012

Test print 20 by Sonnenzimmer

Test Print 19 by Sonnenzimmer

Test Print by Sonnenzimmer

I love these prints from Sonnenzimmer’s test print sale, where you can see the traces of our Marfa Dialogues poster. A test print, according to Sonnenzimmer, is “a term used to describe a single sheet of paper used at the beginning of a print job. These sheets are sent through the press before a job starts, in order to make sure everything is printing properly. Overtime, the prints accumulate layers and layers of art, resulting in colorful patchwork of random images and colors, creating new compositions as a result.” Cool. Sale lasts until September 24. –NI

Daniel Perez came out of the car holding one child and followed by anotherWhat Sport Tells Us About Life isn’t quite the “dazzling intellectual tour de force” the exuberant blurb proclaims this sort of thing has been done before, and better, by Franklin Foer in the excellent How Football Explains The World.
These women are wearing real hooker shoes.
And we had nowhere to go to spend our days without much money.
A 400 year old vampire, vowing centuries ago to protect mankind.
Some have misunderstood our research to say that two thirds of cancer cases are due to bad luck.
(AP Photo/The Canadian Press, Jordan Verlage)

Displaced residents sleep on cots at the arena in Blackie, Alberta on Friday June 21, 2013 after the Highwood River, overflowed its banks Thursday.