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The Telegraph Explores Marfa

7 Feb 2014

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We recently featured Nigel Richardson’s article about traveling through El Paso and Juarez with friends of Ballroom, Kaycee Dougherty and Ricardo Fernandez, Roshe Run For Womens
for National Geographic. Richardson continues his West Texas adventure with a trip to Marfa, which he recounts in an article for the travel section of the Telegraph. With the help of his guide, Marfa’s own Minerva Lopez, Richardson explores some of our favorite spots in Marfa, while Minerva reveals how the town has changed since the ’60s.

An excerpt:

Compared with comparably sized Texan towns – Van Horn, say, where the standout event is the Annual Pecan Dessert Contest in December – Marfa is Audrey Hepburn among the cowgirls. But I glimpsed an older, poorer Marfa in the trailer parks and in the thrift stores selling shoes for a dollar a pair, and wondered aloud to Minerva Lopez how the locals got on with the trendies.

“You see men holding hands. Women holding hands. You get the old rancher who says, ‘I can’t go that far’. Well you have to,” she said, adding – possibly with her PR hat on – “We love the diversity of people coming in. The artists who are staying here are teaching our kids in school.