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The Art and Architecture of Anstis and Victor Lundy

25 Mar 200630 Jul 2006


Victor Lundy  Antis Lundy

The Art and Architecture of Anstis and Victor Lundy, curated by art advisor Suzanne Dungan focused on the ground-breaking architectural works of Victor Lundy, the watercolor paintings of Anstis Lundy, and the interplay between the two.

Born in 1923, Victor Lundy graduated from the Harvard School of Architecture where he studied under Walter Gropius. In 1965, he was one of five architects who traveled to Moscow in connection with the federally-sponsored Architecture U.S.A. exhibit. (Others were Louis Kahn, Robert Venturi, Paul Rudolph, and Charles Eames.)

Victor Lundy’s work on view  includes the design of the U.S. Embassy in Sri Lanka, the U.S. Tax Court Building in Washington, DC, and the Spaceflowers structures featured at the 1965 New York World’s Fair, among others. He designed the first architect-designed inflatable building for the Atomic Energy Commission and pioneered the use of the catenary cable suspension system in architecture.

Anstis Lundy began painting seriously in 1970 after pursuing a successful career in architectural drafting. Her Art World Jokes series appropriates Pop Art images while other still life compositions feature mundane objects such as light bulbs or toast elevated to iconographic status. Anstis Lundy is represented by the Moody Gallery in Houston.