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Ballroom Marfa Presents: Tim Bernardes

September 28, 2024


Marfa, Texas

Tim Bernardes

September 28, 2024

The Capri Marfa


Ballroom is pleased to present a Fall 2024 music series full of romance, nostalgia, and invention. This series featuring four musical acts, from across the Americas and spanning genres, will illuminate each of these artists’ unique ways of connecting with Marfa and its particular geographical, social, and cultural landscape – and with one another.

Coinciding with Ballroom Supper Club on September 28; Tim Bernardes, from Brazil, brings his otherworldly sound. Elements of choral mysticism, sparkling instrumentation, and Bernardes’ haunting voice come together in a transcendent sonic experience. This multisensory evening, against the backdrop of West Texas, having just rounded the bend of the autumnal equinox, will foster a deep synthesis of art, music, food, and the land from which it is all sourced.

Tim Bernardes

A Latin Grammy nominated singer, songwriter, musician, composer, and producer, Bernardes has also collaborated with Fleet Foxes, Tom Zé, David Byrne, Gal Costa, Devendra Banhart, Shintaro Sakamoto, and more. Bernardes has emerged as one of Brazil’s most profound musical talents of his generation, a contemporary artist with deep roots in Brazil’s verdant musical heritage. And finally, his long-awaited second album, the enveloping and expansive Mil Coisas Invisíveis (A Thousand Invisible Things) will be released this summer.

Four years after his standout 2017 debut, Recomeçar, Mil Coisas Invisíveis invites us back into Bernardes and his singular world of sound: warm, intimate, emotionally resonant, healing. The album was primarily written while touring with his acclaimed tropicalia-indie group, O Terno. At the start of 2020, the new decade brought about a sense of change in Bernardes as he took a step back from touring and band life to focus on these new songs. The resulting work connects the cosmic dots from Tropicalia and samba to contemporary indie and folk; it’s a generous and intimate moment, meditations of metaphysical transformation in the face of grave uncertainty.

“Throughout my life, I have been very practical, very objective, and I had never stopped to think about spirituality really in-depth,” Bernardes says. “But after touring, I was very stressed and I noticed that my rational thinking was saturated. I just felt like: ‘Yes, this is my mind, but I am something behind my mind.’ I had this shock of consciousness that made me look into the meaning of things. My music ended up being some part of my self-development.” 

The result is the fifteen exquisitely-crafted, luminous songs that comprise Mil Coisas Invisíveis. Responsible for composing, playing, producing, directing, mixing, and arranging the album –with Gui Jesus Toledo recording, supervising, and mastering the album– Bernardes dances between the everyday and the miraculous, crafting songs that inspire with their sweetness, directness, and inherent serenity.