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Visual Art

Comic Future

27 Sep 20132 Feb 2014


Marfa, Texas


Walead Beshty | Liz Craft | Aaron Curry | Carroll Dunham | Arturo Herrera | Mike Kelley | Paul McCarthy | Erik Parker | Sigmar Polke | Peter Saul | Dana Schutz | Michael Williams | Sue Williams

Comic Future featured work by artists who employ various approaches to language, satire and representation to explore visions of the future. Drawing from the art historical lineage of cubism, cartoons, figurative painting and gestural abstraction, and appropriating subjects from mythology, advertising, print culture and consumerism, Comic Future addressed the breakdown of the human condition and the absurdities which define the perils of human evolution.

Showcasing works from the 1960s through 2013, the exhibition surveyed political satire and cultural commentary through movements ranging from capitalist realism to contemporary pop art. The works included early drawings by Sigmar Polke, collage by Walead Beshty, painting by Carroll Dunham and Peter Saul, alongside newer works by Dana Schutz, Sue Williams, Michael Williams and Erik Parker and sculpture by Aaron Curry, Liz Craft and Mike Kelley. For the exhibition Ballroom also commissioned a new, site-specific wall installation by artist Arturo Herrera.

This exhibition was curated by Fairfax Dorn.