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Guadalupe Maravilla: Sound Bath Ceremony

16 Mar, 4PM

Sound Bath Ceremony led by Guadalupe Maravilla

Saturday, March 16


Free and open to all.

Join us for a healing sound bath ceremony led by Guadalupe Maravilla and other sound healers on Saturday, March 16 at 4pm in Ballroom Marfa’s courtyard. For this immersive experience, Maravilla will activate the installation Mariposa Relámpago (Lightning Butterfly), a sculpture he has turned into a large-scale vibrational healing instrument.

Maravilla is a cancer survivor. His art practice is centered on healing. While undergoing cancer treatment, he was introduced to sound therapy, a healing practice that uses tonal vibrations produced by gongs to improve physical and psychological health. Maravilla is a trained sound healer who regularly holds workshops for undocumented immigrants, cancer patients, and those in need of vibrational healing.

Mariposa Relámpago, is the artist’s largest sound-healing sculpture. At the sound bath, the artist and sound healers will play the gongs to active the work and create an immersive soundscape, restoring calm and balance to those in attendance. The gongs are tuned to specific frequencies related to the earth, the ocean, and the moon.

What To Expect:

Everyone is welcome and admission is free.

The sound bath ceremony will last for one hour. Audiences are welcome to sit or lie down in the courtyard and inside the bus. Please bring your own yoga mat and blanket. Chairs will be made available on a limited basis, upon request. We recommend bringing an extra layer of warm clothing and a bottle of water to remain hydrated.

Maravilla (b. 1976 in San Salvador, El Salvador) grounds his sculpture, painting, performance, and large-scale installation in activism and healing, informed by his personal story of migration, illness, and recovery. At the age of eight, Maravilla fled El Salvador’s civil war as an unaccompanied minor and made a perilous journey through Central America to reunite with family in the United States. In the 2010s, Maravilla was diagnosed with colon cancer—an illness he links to generational trauma and the stresses of being undocumented—and during the recovery process, he was introduced to ancient methods of healing, including the use of sound. Mariposa Relámpago functions as a sculpture, shrine and healing instrument. 

Ballroom Marfa’s presentation of Guadalupe Maravilla: Mariposa Relámpago is organized by Daisy Nam, Sarah Melendez, and Alexann Susholtz.
The Sound Bath will conclude the exhibition, Guadalupe Maravilla: Mariposa Relámpago. Following its presentation at Ballroom Marfa, Mariposa Relámpago will travel to Austin where it will be presented at The Contemporary Austin’s Betty and Edward Marcus Sculpture Park at Laguna Gloria in April 2024.