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1 Oct 201020 Feb 2011


Marfa, Texas


Barbara Kasten  |  Rachel Khedoori  |  Esther Kläs  |   Liz Larner  |  Erlea Maneros-Zabala  |  Linda Matalon  |  Julie Mehretu  |  Charline von Heyl  |  Rosy Keyser  |  Laleh Khorramian  |  Heather Rowe  |  Erin Shirreff

Immaterial was an exhibition that focused on the physical and psychic tensions between form, color, and space across varied visual and structural mediums. Curated by Ballroom’s Artistic Director Fairfax Dorn, the exhibition sought to examine the metaphysical aspects of artistic production through a selection of artworks that investigate how an artist’s choice of material, color, and form can create different physical and psychological spaces. Immaterial considered art’s potential to transcend conscious states through visual languages.

The exhibition featured work by Barbara Kasten, Rachel Khedoori, Esther Kläs, Liz Larner, Erlea Maneros-Zabala, Linda Matalon, Julie Mehretu, and Charline von Heyl, including new commissions by Rosy Keyser, Laleh Khorramian, Heather Rowe, and Erin Shirreff.

The works selected for Immaterial call into question a variety of issues: the complex relationships between color and form; the artist’s confrontation of the medium and its materiality; the artist’s interpretation of time, space, and perception; the intuitive process; and the act of making material immaterial.